How to Play Cards Against Humanity on Browser [Quickest Way]

Create a Card Against Humanity game and invite all your friends

by Milan Stanojevic
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  • When it comes to card games, Cards Against Humanity is one of the more unique ones.
  • You can play Cards Against Humanity in a web browser, and we will show you how.
  • All you need to do is pick the right website, create the game, and invite all your friends.
cards against humanity
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Cards Against Humanity is a popular party card game, but did you know that you can play it online?

That’s right, you can play Cards Against Humanity online multiplayer in your web browser, and today we’ll show you how to do it.

Is there an online version of Cards Against Humanity?

Yes, just as we’ve mentioned above, the popular card game also has an online version that you can play with your friends.

Maybe you don’t have the original card game box, you don’t like to carry it, or maybe you forgot it before leaving, so this can save you in such a situation.

Can I play Cards Against Humanity with friends online?

Yes, there’s a free version of Cards Against Humanity that you can play with your friends online, and the game allows everyone to remotely see the game, while your hand is kept private.

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Playing Cards Against Humanity is incredibly simple in your web browser, but for the best performance, we recommend using a browser such as Opera GX.

As for resources, you can easily limit RAM, CPU, and bandwidth usage inside the browser. It also has Twitch integration or the GX Control feature to optimize your games.

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How do I play Cards Against Humanity in the browser?

In this article

1. Pretend You’re Xyzzy

1. Visit the Pretend You’re Xyzzy website.

2. Write the desired nickname.

choose a nickname

3. Click on Set.

4. Now select the desired room.

5. Start playing the game.

One of the most popular websites for playing Cards Against Humanity on Browser for free is none other than Pretend You’re Xyzzy. It allows you to play the game with other people in real time, thus mimicking the real-life game very closely.

Keep in mind that this web app has a humble user interface, so it might not be the most user-friendly for playing Cards Against Humanity with pictures.

2. Cards Against Humanity Labs

  1. Visit Cards Against Humanity Labs website.
  2. Configure the options on the screen and click Start.
    cards against humanity labs browser

Bear in mind that this is just a single-player Cards Against Humanity online app, but it can be useful if you’re not familiar with the game.

3. All Bad Cards

  1. Visit the All Bad Cards website.
  2. Select New Game and enter your nickname.cah online
  3. Copy the link and send it to your friends, or add AI players.cah online 2
  4. Optional: Configure the rules of the game and which packs will be used.

Where can I play Cards Against Humanity online for free?

A good choice would be Pretend You’re Xyzzy, which allows you to play Cards Against Humanity for free in your browser. The website has got a simple interface and can be used to access and play your favorite game easily.

That being said, the next time one of your friends or acquaintances is looking for a Cards Against Humanity online free multiplayer, you’ll know how to help them.

For more multiplayer browser games to play with your friends, check out our dedicated guide.

Cards Against Humanity can be fun, and if you never played it before or want to play it online with some friends, be sure to use one of the following methods from this article.

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