6 best CD and DVD encryption software for Windows 10 PCs

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  • Today, despite the advent of the cloud storage, many still prefer information transmission and file storage via CDs and DVDs.
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There are many ways of encrypting CD/DVD. The most convenient method, however, is via the adoption of a durable CD/DVD encryption software.

A typical CD/DVD encryption software is equipped with algorithms that encrypt the files or data on a target CD/DVD.

In this article, we have compiled some of the best available CD/DVD encryption software for you.

What is the best CD/DVD encryption software for Windows 10?

GiliSoft CD/DVD Encryption


GiliSoft CD/DVD Encryption is a great tool to help your software to burn password-protected CDs/DVDs.

The software hosts a unique core technology that runs a multilayer protection. In addition, this tool has one of the most intuitive user interfaces among its contemporaries.

It provides clear directions on how to encrypt and decrypt files on CDs/DVDs.

Also, the software’s size is relatively small. Hence, it can easily be installed on systems with low specs.

Basically, it supports all Windows versions, ranging from Windows 2000 to Windows 10.

 GiliSoft CD/DVD Encryption

GiliSoft CD/DVD Encryption

Ensure the security of your files and folders contained on your CD or DVD drive with GiliSoft CD/DVD Encryption.

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Roxio Secure Burn Enterprise


Roxio Secure Burn Enterprise is a security software that is equipped with relevant encryption tools, needed to protect confidential data on CDs and DVDs from unauthorized access.

The software can also be used to encrypt external storage devices like USB flash drives and pen drives.

It hosts a simple interface, which is ideal for new users, as all displayed options are well organized on the home menu.

The software’s drag & drop feature makes it very easy to use, and its automated security functions make encryption faster and more efficient.

In addition, the software is designed to meet up with industry standard, while also fulfilling all legal requirements.

It is FIPS 10-2 compliant, and it employs a 256-bit AES encryption system, which is one of the best available security protocols.

Roxio Secure Burn Enterprise is a premium software, which offers paid (subscription) plans to users.

However, new users can download a free trial version, which provides you access to some of its basic features for a short period of time.

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Master Voyager

Master Voyager is a CD/DVD encryption tool that is well-equipped to encrypt sensitive files on a CD/DVD.

The software hosts a user-friendly interface, which facilitates swift and effective encryption of files, via the drag & drop function.

Basically, Master Voyager encrypts CD/DVD files using a rudimentary method that protects files with only a unique password.

Hence, to access your CD/DVD files, you don’t have to go through any decryption process. This applies to other external storage devices like USB flash drives, pen drives and others.

In addition, Master Voyager is flexibly built to support all Windows versions, ranging from Windows XP to Windows 10.

Also, the software adopts the AES 256-bit protocol, which is one of the most reliable file encryption tools available.

Lastly, this program hosts an in-built CD/DVD burning option that facilitates the encryption of discs.

This action requires only a few clicks of buttons; hence, your encryption process is made more efficient, and you are able to save valuable time and resources.

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DataLocker’s Encrypt Disc is an all-round CD/DVD encryption software, which is equipped with a 256-bit AES encryption that protects every encrypted file on your CD or DVD.

The software is also FIPS 10-2 compliant, wh’sich provides you with legal cover, as well as necessary certifications.

Typically, EncryptDisc hosts the drag and drop mechanism, which makes your disc-encryption process easier and faster.

The software’s advanced design makes it suitable for protecting high-capacity encrypted files, in line with SOX, HIPAA and other industry standards.

The encryption software is embedded on a disc, and all you need to do is to purchase the disc and create a password. You can then drag and drop files on the disc to finish the process.

Such encrypted disc can be shared as a read-only media or you can decide to open the disc and add extra file or information on it.

Nevertheless, EncryptDisc is highly versatile, as it is compatible with virtually all Windows versions higher than Windows 7.

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Idoo Secure Disc Creator

Idoo Secure Disc Creator helps users to create encrypted data files on CDs and DVD.

It is equipped with a complex algorithm, which can partition (divide) a CD into two parts: a secure (password) file section and a public (insecure) section.

In this case, files are kept safe using the 256-bit AES encryption algorithm. This protects your files and makes it inaccessible without permission.

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DiskEncryptor is a CD/DVD encryption software developed by Kernsafe and equipped to encrypt data contents stored on disk drives.

The software supports a wide range of external storage devices, including memory cards, floppy disk, USB flash drives and others.

In fact, DVD images (ISO) and virtual CDs & DVDs can also be encrypted by this software.

DiskEncryptor uses a high-end encryption protocol, AES 256-bit, to protect encrypted files. Disc partitions can also be encrypted.

The tool also integrates well with Windows Explorer and you are afforded the opportunity of locking/unlocking your drive(s) with a password.

Furthermore, the software is lightweight (small-sized) and can be installed on all versions of Windows. It also functions perfectly well on both Intel and AMD computers.

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Have you utilized any of the CD/DVD encryption software we mentioned above? Feel free to let us know by commenting below.

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