How to Change Your Epic Games Name

Learn how to change your gamer tag across all your favorite games

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • Changing your Epic name affects a change across all games, such as Fortnite.
  • It's free to change your Epic Games name, you don't have to spend money or virtual currency to do so.
  • You can perform an Epic Games name change every two weeks.
how to change name in epic games

To change your Epic games name, the email address, you must first verify your identity using the credential.

And if you always play on a PlayStation, Switch, or Xbox, you must upgrade your account to a full Epic Games account to change your display name.

Immediately after you change your display name, your friends will begin to see the new name online and in games. Moreover, the name change on your Epic Games account reflects on Fornite and other Epic Games.

How do I change my Epic Games name?

1. Ensure that you’ve verified the email address that you use for Epic Games. If not, go verify it first.

2. Visit the Epic Games website, and log in to your account using your username and password.

3. Go to your Account Info page.

4. In the General Settings, click on the pencil icon.

5. Enter your desired display name in the provided field.

6. Confirm your name by entering it again.

7. Check the box to accept the terms.

8. Click the Confirm button at the bottom of the screen to confirm the name change.

If you no longer like your Epic Games name, you can change it for free every two weeks. After you decided what other name you want to change yours to, all you got to do is hop on the official Epic Games website and change it.

How much does it cost to change your Epic name?

Name changes in Epic Games are free of charge. This means that you don’t get to use V-Bucks or money to them.

Changing your Fortnite name on a PS4 or Xbox One is different. It is because these consoles make use of your PSN ID or Xbox Gamertag, not your Epic Games name.

It costs $10 each time you change your Fortnite name on a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. This is because you’re not only changing your Fortnite name but your console ID entirely to reflect across all games.

However, your first name change on these platforms is free of charge.

A change in Epic name doesn’t have any effect on your Xbox Live Gamertag or PlayStation Network display name. If those are what you want to change, you may reach out to Xbox or PlayStation support.

We hope that you managed to perform a name change. Let us know in the comments section below if our solutions helped you out.