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The Virtual Chemistry Lab app has recently been launched in the Microsoft Store, so give it some time in case you’re not pleased with some of its features, as I’m sure the app will get better and better in time.

The idea behind this app is really nice as it wants to visualize and show in a 3D environment how chemical experiments take place.

But, as you will see from the video for yourself, there are still many areas where the app needs to be improved, so I’m reaching out to developers to make it even better.

windows 8 chemistry lab app

We definitely have a thing for Windows 10 chemistry apps as in the past we have talked about two interesting periodic table apps and about TouchMol, an app that allowed for molecule drawing. And now we’re talking about Virtual Chemistry Lab because they deserve it.

See chemical experiments on your Windows 10 tablet

Chemistry lab project, perform the following experiment Magnesium Ribbon burning, preparation of Oxygen Gas, Preparation of Hydrogen Gas, Preparation of Carbon Dioxide Gas. Help the students to perform the chemistry experiment.

chemistry app windows 8 appThe app works like a chemistry lab project, allowing you to perform such experiments as Magnesium Ribbon burning, preparation of Oxygen Gas , and others.

It is apparently aimed at teachers who want to help students, and it does the job pretty well for an initial launch.

Another area where I’d love to seem some improvement is with the chemical equations as it’s clear that the images are either scanned papers or washed down pictures.

Another drawback of the app is that you can’t currently install it on Windows RT devices, which is a real pity, but I hope that this will also get solved in the future.

To know more about the app, have a look at the video from above or follow the link below to download it.

Download Virtual Chemistry Lab app for Windows 10

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