3 Ways to Fix Your Chrome Theme When it’s Not Fitting

by Ola-Hassan Bolaji
Ola-Hassan Bolaji
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  • The Chrome theme not fitting issue can be caused by conflicting background and theme selection. 
  • You can fix the problem effortlessly by customizing your browser background. 
  • Another solution to get the themes to work normally is to restore Chrome settings to default.
chrome theme not fitting
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Google Chrome is a typical modern-day browser with a simple and intuitive interface. In addition, it allows you to customize the appearance to your liking.

You can change the background and switch between the light and dark mode for varying browsing experiences. In addition, you can change the theme from the default, thanks to the series of options available in the Chrome Web Store.

While the store houses some of the best themes for Chrome, users are starting to have problems with them fitting with their browser. This makes contents appear scattered and disorganized.

If you have tried everything to fix this problem with no success, be at ease as this guide contains viable solutions to make sure it never occurs again. 

Can I change the theme of my Chrome browser?

Chrome allows you to change your theme from its default by installing new themes from the Chrome Web Store. These themes are applied automatically and can be easily removed too.

Also, you can change the theme color, background, and even the Chrome avatar. Hence, you are not short of customization options. 

How do I make my Google Chrome theme fit my screen?

1. Customize Chrome background

  1. Press the Ctrl + T keys to open a new tab on Chrome.
  2. Click the Customize Chrome button in the bottom right corner.
    Cutomize button chrome theme not fitting
  3. Click the Background option on the left pane and select Classic Chrome.
  4. Finally, click the Done button to effect the change.
    classsic theme

Sometimes, your Google Chrome themes do not fit or appear too small or big due to your background. This is especially common when you upload a background from your device, as it can have a contradicting size to your theme.

In some cases, it can cause the Chrome theme background not to show in a new tab. The easy fix here is to switch to the default background and relaunch your browser.

2. Restore settings to default

  1. Click the menu button and choose the Settings option.
    chrome settings theme not fitting
  2. Click the Advanced option on the left pane.
    advanced option
  3. Select Reset and clean up.
  4. Choose the Restore settings to their original defaults option.
    reset chrome settings theme not fitting
  5. Click the Reset settings button.
    reset button

Google Chrome themes might not be fitting on screen due to some settings on your browser. If you find it hard to pinpoint the cause, this fix should help you restore all settings to their default.

After the restoration, you can now apply the theme you want to use.

3. Try an alternative browser

If the fixes above fail to solve the Chrome theme not fitting issue, you might be better off trying a new browser. And there is no better alternative than the renowned Opera browser.

Opera is a top-notch browser with an intuitive and fully customizable interface. Like Chrome, it has a light and dark mode but an addition of a system mode for more options. 

Aside from choosing a theme color, you can also add any wallpaper from your PC or the Opera addons store. It gives you so much control of your customization without the errors from other browsers.

Get Opera

The Chrome theme not fitting issue can make even the most eye-catching background look horrible. And this makes your browser contents appear scattered and broken.

Thankfully, the problem is easy to fix, as shown in this guide.

Do you want to know how to set up your own custom Google Chrome themes? Then, check our guide on how to do it with ease.

Feel free to let us know the fix that worked for you in the comments section below.

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