10 Best Google Chrome Themes That You Can Download

Beautify your browser with really eye-catching themes

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Key notes

  • You can find lots of beautiful, aesthetic Chrome themes that display nature or abstract paintings.
  • If you prefer a dark theme for Google Chrome, spatial images should be your top pick.
  • All in all, there are plenty of inspiring themes that you can find in Chrome’s Web Store.

Whether you are looking to match Chrome’s default dark theme look or bored of its bright theme, the Chrome Web Store offers a lot of third-party themes to spruce up the boring old browser.

Changing Chrome’s background color and adding new looks with fresh themes to your can help improve the overall browsing experience. That said, going through the extensive theme to find the right one can be time-consuming,

To make it easier for you, we have created this list of the 10 best Google Chrome themes to help you optimize and customize your browser to your liking.

How do I get more themes for Google Chrome?

The Chrome Web Store has an extensive library of themes you can choose from. From Anime Chrome themes to 1440P and 4k quality themes, the options available to you are limitless.

What’s more, most of these themes are free to download. So, you don’t have anything to lose. Lastly, you also create a custom theme of your own and upload it on Chrome.

Are Google Chrome Themes Safe?

Since the functionality of Chrome themes is limited to changing the way your browser looks, they are safe to use. A theme does not change any function within your browser.

However, it is important to be aware of where you are getting the theme. Unless you trust the third-party source, make sure to download all your Chrome themes from the Chrome Store to be on the safer side.

Can I customize my Google Chrome theme?

Yes. You can change the way your Chrome browser theme looks and make it more personalized. This can be done by following the simple steps below:

  1. Open a new tab on Chrome.
  2. Click the Customize Chrome button.
    customize button chrome themes
  3. Select Color and theme in the left pane.
    color and theme
  4. Choose the colors to customize your theme with.

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What are the best Chrome themes?

Themes by Google – Best free Chrome themes

Best Google Chrome Themes

If you didn’t know, Google has published a few native themes for its popular browser. All these themes have been designed to bring a uniform color across the UI.

There are 14 themes to choose from in multiple colors and hues. All the native themes have a similar design and are a good option if you only want to change the appearance with your favorite color.

Get Google Themes

Colour Fusion – Multi-color theme


If you like color Gradients, Color Fusion is a good theme to apply. With an interface look, the combination of colors makes it look beautiful on your browser. You can also notice the active tab’s strong contrast to the background tabs.

Color Fusion applies separate color gradients for the bookmark bar, tabs, and address bar, making it easier on the eyes.

Get Color Fusion

Material Dark – Minimalistic theme

material dark

Dark Material is a crisp-looking minimalistic theme for your browser. The background offers a simplistic abstract design along with the colored buttons making it easy to navigate.

Get Material Dark

Beauty – Theme with vibrant wallpaper

beauty option chrome themes

If pink sunset, green plains, and hilly forests are your things, check out the Beauty theme for Chrome. It offers a set of vibrant wallpaper on your homage with stunning looks.

Get Beauty

Dark Space – Dark theme with minimalistic design

dark space

As the name suggests, Dark Space is a space-based theme for the Chrome browser. The new update changes the color of background tabs, and the new tab button offers a uniform color scheme across the browser.

The theme visuals continue fluently into the control area. It is an excellent theme if you want a minimal but dark theme for your browser.

Get Dark Space

Ride the Wave – Simple theme

ride wave

Ride the Wave is another one of the aesthetic Google Chrome themes with a simple yet elegant look. The stylish and atmospheric look is intriguing without going too dark. The Theme background images continue into the header of the browser.

While the theme overall looks good, the opening of tabs can be a little difficult to read.

Get Ride the Wave

Nordic Forest – Nature-focused theme

nordic chrome themes

With its stunning lighting and colors, Nordic Forest is made for nature lovers as it reminds the joy of nature. Like Ride the Wave, Nordic Forest also flows into the browser header. However, solid colors used for tabs and bookmarks make it easy to read.

Get Nordic Forest

Sahara – Multiple background photos


Sahara theme is based on the huge landscape of Sahara desert at night with the milky way. The theme is made of a lot of photos that include a caravan with camels and gives 1001 Arabian night vibes. Sahara flows right into the browser edges and tabs and bookmark bar.

Get Sahara Theme

Paint a Picture – Aesthetic theme

paint a theme

Like Abstract art-based themes? Take a look at the Paint a Picture theme. It offers excellent artwork on the home page that denotes a beautiful and colorful garden under a beautiful daytime sky.

Paint a Picture boasts some colorful pictures that can easily get the attention of every color lover.

Get Paint a Picture

Blue/Green Cubes – Highly-rated theme

blue cubes

With over 4.6 in rating from 200k+ users, Blue/Green Cubes is one of the popular geometry-based cube themes in the Chrome Store. If you are looking for a fresh new look that is not too distracting, Blue/Green Cubes fits the bill perfectly.

Get Blue/Green Cubes

Does Chrome have dynamic themes?

Chrome on Android has full support for dynamic themes with changing colors. Also, you can customize and change the color of the built-in Chrome theme on a PC.

You can use this feature to apply different colors on various pages. So, there is no shortage of dynamicity.

How do I create a Chrome theme?

There are different ways of creating a Chrome theme of your own. There are online tools to use and extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

We have a full guide on the topic, from how to create a Chrome theme to applying it to your browser. Ensure to check it out to make the task easy.

If you prefer using AI, we also have a guide on how to generate an AI theme for Chrome, so don’t miss it.

Third-party Google Chrome themes come in handy when you want to give a fresh look to your favorite browser.

With so many themes available on the Chrome Store, we have selected the best ten themes to help you eliminate Chrome’s boring and flat default themes. Explore the list and let us know your favorite theme in the comments below.

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