Chromium-based Edge is affected by all these bugs and errors

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Windows 10 Insiders started spotting plenty of bugs in the initial versions of the Chromium-based Edge. As a matter of fact, Microsoft fixed many of these bugs before releasing Chromium-Edge to users.

However, some users are still of the opinion that the Chromium-based browser sucks more than any browser. The browser has been loaded with tons of advertisement that are significantly affecting the user experience in a negative manner.

Just like other applications, the latest version of Microsoft Edge browser also supports dark theme. You can enable it by typing about:flags in the address bar and search for dark mode.

Let’s see what users don’t like about this browser.

Chromium Edge reported issues

1. Address bar search engine does not change

One of the users tried to update the search engine in his address bar but he was unable to do so. It seems like the feature has been disabled by the developers at the back end.

I tried to change to search engine in the address bar, but it does not work. Looks like they are forcing me to use Bing.

We have no idea when Microsoft will fix this issue.

2. Favorites button removed

Many users prefer to save their favorite web pages so that you can refer to them whenever needed. It’s a pretty handy tool to organize your bookmarked pages.

However, some users spotted that the feature has been removed in the latest version. Edge users are finding it difficult to find Sort by name for sorting their favorites folder and its subfolders. 

3. Performance issues

The new Chromium Microsoft Edge version has been tested by many users for performance issues. Some stated they were unable to achieve higher browsing speed compared to the previous version.

4. Confusing Settings

Although this is not really a bug, the process of the setting up the default start page and a different search engine is confusing for most of the users. Microsoft needs to provide an easier option in the next build.

If you are one of those users who are waiting for the official release, the new Chromium-based Edge version will be rolled out in the first half of 2020.



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