Cisco VPN Client won’t install on Windows 10 [GUARANTEED FIX]

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cisco vpn client won't install

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Cisco VPN is a great virtual private network software, but many users reported that Cisco VPN Client won’t install on their PC at all. This issue can occur because of the fact that the Cisco VPN service was last updated in the year 2011.

Even though the latest version of this software is not natively compatible with Windows 10 operating system, in this article we will explore a way to make it run and install on your Windows 10 PC without any issues.

Please make sure to follow all the steps presented in this article in the order that they are written for the best results.

How to install Cisco VPN on Windows 10? Cisco VPN Client was officially abandoned as a project in 2011, and you might have some issues installing it. To avoid any potential problems, try downloading and installing Cisco VPN client from a third-party source.

What can I do if Cisco VPN won’t install on Windows?

How to install Cisco on your Windows 10 PC

Note: If you recently upgraded from Windows 7 or Vista to Windows 10, then it is recommended that you uninstall SonicWALL Global VPN Client and Cisco VPN Client by searching for them in Control Panel >Add or remove program window.

If you are using a clean install of Windows 10, then you are ready to start setting up Cisco VPN.

  1. Click here to download the 32bit version of Cisco VPN Client, and here for the 64-bit cisco VPN Cisco VPN won't install
  2. Run the .exe file you downloaded, select Browse and choose a specific location on your hard-drive for the files to be extracted (in this example image I created a folder on my Desktop called Cisco VPN to which I extracted the files from the .exe).unzip file Cisco VPN won't install
  3. Navigate to the location in which you unzipped the folder, and search for the vpnclient_setup.msi file.vpclient setup Cisco VPN can't install windows 10
  4. Double click on the installer, and select systems VPN client setup Cisco VPN won't install
  5. You are now done. The installation process will start normally and you will be able to follow the on-screen instructions

In this article we explored the best way to install Cisco VPN on your Windows 10 PC. We are sure that the solution provided here will help you bypass any installation issues with this software.

Please feel free to let us know if this method worked for you by using the comment section found below.



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