Chat with Your Google Contacts in Windows 10 with Client for Hangouts

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A new app that allows you to chat with your Google contacts on your Windows 10 device just arrived in the Windows Store. The app is called Client for Hangouts and while it isn’t an official Google App, it gets the job done very well.

While Client for Hangouts is still in its alpha phase, it is currently available in the Windows Store to all users of  Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile devices, who can download it for free. The app features simple design, effective in its role as a standard messenger app. Setup is simple: download it, log in to your Google account, and start chatting with your friends.

Since Google introduced Hangouts as a replacement for regular text messages on Android phones, this client could become an important factor in cross-platform communication between Android and Windows 10/Windows 10 Mobile devices.

You can head over to the Windows Store and download Client for Hangouts for free right now. But be aware, the app is still in alpha and some occasional bugs may occur.

Still no Official Google apps in the Store

Client for Hangouts is surely a great addition and has something in common with other Google apps currently present in the Windows 1o Store: none of them were developed by Google!

The lack of official Google apps is one of the major problems for the Windows 10 Store. No matter how much one uses Microsoft’s products and services, there is no doubt at least one of Google’s services in the mix. The fact that official versions aren’t available in the Store could be annoying for some.

However, there’s a client for every Google service in the Windows Store created by other developers. While some of these clients are actually pretty good, they’re definitely not same as using an official app. Google promised last year that it would finally develop some official apps for Windows 10, but we still have none (except Google Search for Windows 10 Mobile).

We’re sure users would like to finally see the official YouTube app for Windows 10 because current apps for Windows 10 Mobile only opens webapp counterparts in Microsoft Edge. The same goes thing for other services like Gmail or Google Drive.

What do you think: when will Google finally release an official universal app for one of its products and which service will get a universal app for Windows 10 first? Tell us in the comments below!


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