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Color blindness is a visual impairment that restricts color vision. Thus, colors aren’t entirely clear for color blind software users. There isn’t much in the way of color blindness software for Windows that can assist users. However, these are a few Windows programs that color blind users can modify VDU display colors with as required.

Best color blindness software for PC


Visolve is one freeware program for Windows, Mac OS X and iPhone platforms that transforms VDU display colors to enhance color perception. This software enables users to open a Visolve Deflector window frame that captures a portion of the desktop behind it. Then you can apply color Red-Green, Blue-Yellow or Increase saturation color transformations to the region captured within the frame. In addition, it comes with a toolbar that enables you to make color adjustments while browsing with Internet Explorer. The software also adds that toolbar to the taskbar so you can apply color configurations to the full desktop. This page on the publisher’s website shows you how the software adjusts display colors.



WhatColor is freeware software for Windows 10, 8 and 7 that enables users to identify colors by selecting pixels. Click wcol482e.exe on this web page to save the software’s setup wizard. The program magnifies an area around your cursor from which you can select some pixels to identify. The program will then tell you what the color of the pixel selected is and provide an RGB value for it. As such, this can come in handy if color blind users need to refer to colors in a document; or if another document or page refers to specific colors that might otherwise not be clear.

Sensible Colors – MantaDB Utilities

Sensible Colors is just one of the eight tools included with MantaDB Utilities for Internet Explorer, which is a freeware package you can add to Windows from this page. This enables users to remove all background images from website pages and converts text color to black on white background to enhance clarity. As Sensible Colors removes background images, it can also speed up browsing.


Color Enhancer

Color Enhancer is not exactly Windows software, but it’s a Chrome extension you can add to that browser from this web page. The extension adds a color filter to Google Chrome with which you can adjust page colors as required. To configure the colors, press the Color Enhancer button on the browser’s toolbar and select Set-up to open the filter shown in the snapshot directly below. Then you can select one of the rows and drag the bar slider to configure page colors.

Those are a few programs and tools that can assist color blind software users. They enable users to adjust VDU display colors as required to enhance software window and web page clarity.



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