FIX: My computer does not turn on just beeps continuously

by Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
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my computer does not turn on just beeps continuously

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Are you experiencing a situation where your computer does not turn on but just beeps continuously? You are not alone. The good news is that we’ve got the right fixes for you.

This problem is encountered by several Windows users; the monitor is blank, the system fan is running but CPU beeps in a particular order. However, in a situation where you start up your PC and it beeps. Here’s what we think:

  • If it’s 1 beep, the video card has issue
  • If it’s 2 to 3 beeps, the RAM has issue
  • If it beeps continuously, the processor is not working properly.

Therefore, in this post we are addressing the continuous beep issue related to the processor. We are going to touch down on several causes of this problem, most especially the video card and RAM as well.

What can I do when my PC doesn’t boot and beeps?

Solution 1: Check the video card

Firstly, you need to check the video card whether it is dusty or defective. Dusty video card can also prevent computer from turning on. Therefore, you need to clean up the video card/graphics adapter. In order to do this, you need to acquire an engineering toolbox.

Sometimes, a faulty video card can make your computer beep continuously. Also, you can replace your defective video card with a new one from Amazon. This workaround goes a long way in order to solve the ‘my computer does not turn on …’ problem.

Solution 2: Check the RAM

In addition, a faulty RAM as well can prevent your computer from turning on. Hence, you need to check it as well.

So, you need to check first whether the RAM is firmly inserted or loosened. Sometimes, while moving the laptop around, it might loosen the RAM. Thereby, it results in the ‘my computer does not turn on just beeps continuously’ problem.

Meanwhile, you need to put back the RAM into the slot and make sure it is tightened up. However, if the RAM is defective, get a replacement from Amazon or a computer store near you.

If your computer does not turn on after trying out this solution, you may proceed to the next solution.

Solution 3: Check the PC-to-HDD’s connections

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Sometimes, during the process of carrying your PC up and down, the wires may be unfastened and in wobble state. Therefore you need to check the PC-to-HDD connections and tighten the connection.

Also, you can clean up the PC of dust, re-seat RAM, CPU/HSF, GPU and PCI cards, and then apply thermal compound to balance them.

Note: You need a screwdriver to couple and assemble your PC. In addition, you need a technical guide from your PC manufacturer if you don’t have a technical experience. Follow these steps to check the connections and fix the problem:

  • Power off your computer and remove the battery. Open up your computer’s casing afterwards.
  • Detach the HDD from your computer.
  • Clean all the ports and wirings linking the HDD to the computer and also check the SATA and power cables.
  • Apply thermal paste on the processor.
  • Replace the faulty cables you detect and fix loose connections.
  • Re-seat RAM, CPU/HSF, GPU and PCI cards
  • Now, reconnect the HDD to the computer. (Ensure that all the connections are fastened tightly.
  • Hence, attach the battery and power up your computer.

You can also do an HDD check by using one of the HDD checker from this dedicated list.

However, we highly recommend that you consult a computer technician to help you out with this solution.

Solution 4: Replace your Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Faulty hard drive can also cause the ‘…computer does not turn on just beeps continuously’ problem. Therefore, you may need to get a computer does not turn on just beeps continuously

However, before you replace the hard drive, we recommend that you test the hard drive first. You can use and hard drive tester. Also, you can remove your HDD, connect it to another PC to access the files and folders, and also to check if its boots up from the hard drive. If the PC is unable to identify and access the HDD, then you definitely need to replace it with a new one.

However, if the PC can identify and give you access to the hard drive; then the SATA cable might be faulty. SATA cable on the other hand, connects the HDD to its motherboard. We highly recommended that you buy a replacement from Amazon. You can carry out the replacement by a professional computer engineer.

Have we been able to solve ‘computer does not turn on just beeps continuously’ problem for you? Let us know by sharing your experience with us in the ‘Disqus comment section’ below.


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