Convert black and white photos to color online [Best Tools]

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  • Colorizing photos is popular nowadays to bring some life into old images.
  • In this article, we present a few tools, both professional or freeware, to edit your photos.
  • More similar tools can be found in our thorough Software section.
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convert black and white photo to color online

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Black and white photos have their own particular flavor, however, sometimes they might seem lifeless and impersonal. On the other hand, colored photos look natural, more familiar, or more relatable.

You might have come across a lot of posts or articles with comparisons between a before and after colorizing certain images, especially family or city life photos.

Nowadays, one can find a bunch of useful tools that can be used to turn a black and white photo into a colored image. Some use AI and perform the action within seconds; Some of the options are more laborious; some are free, and some are paid.

In this article, we’re going to explore some methods to covert black and white photos to color.

How can I turn black and white photos into color online?

Adobe Photoshop

add color to black and white photos with photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is probably the best-known photo editor out there, and one of the most powerful ones.

This software features a multitude of tools that you can alternate to edit your photos and get the best results.

Because of the many options, Photoshop is perhaps harder to master, and the photo processing takes longer. Even if that’s the case, the results are top-notch.

That’s why Photoshop is among the most preferred photo editors both among professionals and amateurs.

Some of the most commonly used features are cropping, removing small imperfections such as lens dust or red eyes, adding watermarks, replacing objects or people, changing the background, or adding filters.

However, Photoshop also includes certain particular features such as personalized brushes, brush symmetry mode, or live blend mode preview.

To colorize a black and white photo, do the following:

  1. Open the image in Photoshop.
  2. Use the Quick Selection tool to select a large area of the image that will have the same color.use the quick selection tool
  3. Make a solid color fill layer using the specific tool and clicking on a solid color.solid color tool
  4. Choose your desired color.
  5. Select the fill layer from the Layers tab, then open the dropdown menu next to Opacity and choose overlay.
  6. Use the brush tool to correct the edges where the color got overlayed with the subject.

You can undo your actions as many times as you want until you get the desired results.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Add color to your black and white photos with Adobe's professional tool and get the best results.

Fee trial
Visit website


color photos with algorithmia

This is a very simple tool that you can use in your browser to colorize your photos. There’s no need for a subscription or any download.

As you can imagine, the tool can be used for free. The only disadvantage is that you’ll get a watermark on the final photo, but you can remove it using another photo editing tool.

Adding color to your black and white photos with Algorithmia is very easy. Just copy/paste the photo URL from your PC or upload the photo in the tool.

You’ll get a half-colored photo just so you can have an idea of the final result. But on downloading it, you’ll see that it is fully colored.

Use Algorithmia 

Color Surprise AI Pixbim

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add color to photos with color Surprise AI

Color Surprise AI Pixbim is another easy-to-use tool that does not require any photo editing knowledge.

Adding color to your black and white photos can be done in just a few simple steps.

In order to start, you will first need to download the tool and install it on your PC. After you can simply open the software and it will automatically generate a preview and show both variants side by side.

If you’re happy with the result, click on Start-Process Full Image and Save. The whole process takes only a few minutes.

Get Color Surprize AI Pixbim

MyHeritage In Color™

color black and white photos with myheritage in color

MyHeritage In Color™ is a tool designed specifically to bring your black and white family photos to life by adding color to them.

Although using the tool is free, you’ll have to create an account to be able to use it and get access to all its features.

Once you are logged in, you can simply upload a photo in the browser or drag & drop a photo in the frame. Wait for a few seconds until you get the result.

Once the tool returns the colorized photo, you also get a few options for the next action: you can save the photo on your PC, share it on social media, or continue by uploading another photo.

The advantage of creating an account is that you can upload full family photo albums and colorize them in your own time, then build a family tree.

Each edited photo will get a colored icon at the bottom so that you can keep track of them. If you choose to delete an edited photo, the original will remain. But if you delete an original photo, the colored one will be deleted as well.

Use MyHeritage In Color™

So these are a few tools that you can use to convert a black and white photo into a colored one. It’s important to know that all o them preserve the resolution of the original photo.

If you’ve come across another tool that you find worth mentioning for this particular process, please share your opinion in the comments section below.

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