11 photo editing software for Windows 10 to glam your photos up with

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photo editing software for Windows 10

Taking photos is almost second nature these days what with the proliferation of smart devices, which come with built-in cameras that can take quality photos.

But taking photos is one thing, you need to have somewhere to keep them away, but you also need a good photo viewer and photo editor.

As computer users continue with the transition to Windows 10 operating system, it is imperative that most, if not all, applications and programs are compatible with the OS.

If you need to work on your photos and/or images, here are the best photo editing software for Windows 10 that will take your pics from drab to fab ASAP!

Here are the best photo editing tools for Windows 10

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop for hardcore professionals

Adobe Photoshop is designed for hardcore professionals who need all the advanced goodies in one package. Why is this photo editing software a key resource for your activity?

Firstly, Adobe Photoshop has got a huge Color Palette and fully customizable features. You may crop, remove objects, and combine photos in a blink of an eye.

Lens Blur offers a realistic look when blurring an object in the foreground and the included masking tools are also unmatched in the business – you’ve got unlimited layers and masks to choose from when spicing up your stunning images.

Other leading-edge features that make it worth trying are fast editing controls, professional retouching capabilities, brushes that you easily control with a stylus or touch on iPads, and adjustment layers for non-destructive editing.

Unlike other similar tools, Adobe Photoshop syncs with multiples devices and your work is always automatically saved to the cloud.

Overall, Adobe Photoshop is a strong professional editing software for Windows 10, yet you don’t have to be an editing master to use it or to spend too much time. Its cutting edge photo editing capabilities will do the job for you.

Download Adobe Photoshop

2. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom creativity software

There are plenty of photo editing software tools available in the market to explore, yet you can’t go wrong with Adobe Lightroom. If your goal is to capture and edit stunning images, don’t look any further.

Its photo editing tools are a powerful yet easy-to-use alternative to other complicated creativity software options.  Adobe Lightroom gives you the full package to edit photos and make them really pop.

For that to happen, you’ll want to check out the in-app Lightroom tutorials and comprehensive content from professional photographers as they take you through their process and share useful tips.

To avoid clutter, take advantage of the Adobe Sensei machine learning that recognizes people and themes, making finding photos or creating albums as easy as pie.

Furthermore, you may store and share these amazing photos across all your devices. Just keep in mind that cloud storage starting at 1TB is there to ensure that you can access your library from any location.

In spite of all the fantastic features you’ve read about, the software still has a very friendly user interface. That’s perfect especially if you have never used this type of software before.

Be inspired, have fun, and enjoy the results even without substantial technical knowledge.

Download Adobe Lightroom

3. FOTOR (recommended)

photo editing software for Windows 10

When all you want is to quickly edit photos with high quality finishing, then Fotor is your best photo editing software for Windows 10.

Its features include premium filters, one click photo enhancement, batch photo processing, and vibrant color effects. Its unique feature is the batch photo processing tool that lets you filter volumes of photos at a go, with less stress, and saves you editing time.

You can apply scenes, effects, add borders and much more to batches of photos with one click. You can also create photo collages with more than 20 different layouts to get your desired look, adjust patterns and colors to get a polished touch on your photos, but there’s also an option for Freestyle Collage if you don’t like ordered things.

Fotor’s Tilt Shift tool lets you mix focus with either clear or selective blurring, giving your photos depth as would be done by a DSLR camera. Add text, borders, and mash up different effects on your photos, then import or export them in different image formats such as JPG, TIFF and PNG, or convert RAW files if you so wish.

Another unique feature that we must mention is the 13 different 1-tap photo enhancement scenes that touch up your photos depending on the conditions they were shot in.

–  Try now Fotor for free 

4. Photo Editor

photo editing software for Windows 10

This is a photo editing software for Windows 10 that offers everything you need in terms of a comprehensive photo editing tool. It is simple to use, with a user friendly interface, plus it is fast, fun and powerful.

With this software, you can rest easy as it takes away the fuss that comes with photo editing, and you get an intuitive interface to work with. Its features include a one-tap auto enhance, photo effects, fun stickers, crop and rotate tools, adjust brightness, contrast and saturation.

You can also add other effects such as photo blurring, sharpening, draw or add text, plus fix red eye and remove blemishes. In case you have photos where your smile didn’t really have its shine, you can even whiten your teeth using Photo Editor’s cosmetic tools.

Finally, when you’re done editing, check out your photos in the Pictures Library or folder in your computer or device. To use this tool, you’ll need anywhere from 7MB to 14MB free space, and it can install on up to ten Windows 10 devices.

Get Photo Editor


photo editing software for Windows 10

GIMP, or GNU Image Manipulation Program, is a free photo editing software for Windows 10 that works across other platforms as well.

If you are familiar with Photoshop, then you can easily use GIMP’s sophisticated editing tools to create stunning and visually appealing photos in your library.

As much as it is dope, it requires some extra skills or time to understand and use it so its not as simple as most free photo editors. However, its features will draw you in almost immediately. It not only lets you add layers, masks, curves, and levels, but you can even clone, create your own custom brushes, apply perspective and much more using its smart selection tools.

You can access so many plugins from GIMP’s collection, created by the community of users plus install Photoshop plugins as well. Other salient features include retouching tools, and graphic design elements you can use to create icons, and art for other uses.


6. PicsArt

photo editing software for Windows 10

This is an all-inclusive photo application that comes with a photo editing software for Windows 10. It is colorful, and easy to use, with a collage maker and sketch pad if you want to draw stuff. PicsArt has an amazing gallery with a wide variety of images, and once you’re in, you can access the network and hook up with other photographers, but also share your images therein.

In order to use PicsArt, you need to register for free using either your email, Facebook, Google or Microsoft log in details. Its photo editing tools let you do simple tasks such as cropping, rotation, tilting, adjusting brightness and contrast, filter effects with over 25 Magic Effects, and add stickers to your photos including emoticons and symbols.

Its collage maker comes with a variety of frames to choose from plus templates which can take up to 10 images grouped together.

You can also edit the width, pattern and colors of the border, doodle images, and work with up to 6 blank canvases. This freely available application also comes with various textured backdrops and brush styles, plus a color picker so you can choose your desired pantone.

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7. Paint.NET

photo editing software for Windows 10

This is one of the popular photo editing software for Windows 10 together with GIMP. It comes with features such as layering, filter effects, plugins, user friendly interface, and it is available for free.

Though not as complicated as GIMP’s interface is, Paint.NET is simple, and so easy to use. it is an upgraded replacement for its predecessor Paint on Microsoft, but it has advanced editing tools besides what you may be used to from the previous version.

Other features include adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation, adjusting curves, special effects such as photo blurring, sharpening and distortion, plus redeye removal with just a few clicks. Its intuitive and innovative interface provides for a powerful but simple image and photo editing software matching the likes of Adobe Photoshop (though it isn’t at par with this), GIMP, and Corel Paint Shop Pro.

Get Paint.NET

8. Polarr

photo editing software for Windows 10

This is a pretty cool and amazing photo editing software for Windows 10. You’ve got to see it in action to understand why it is one of our top picks.

If you’re looking for sophistication in photo editing, with fantastic features that can truly glam up your photos, this is the best software for you. It is available for free, but you can get the premium pro version for about $20. With the pro version, you can get full features including brushing, color masking, batch exporting and watermarks, plus create custom filters.

It promises to deliver only the best pro-style editing output for your photos, for just 4MB of your computer or device’s storage space. Salient features include skin retouching, text editing, hue, saturation, curves, vignette, tones, sharpening, color, a host of special effect filters such as dehaze and noise-reduction.

Basics such as crop, tilt, and image rotation are also available with Polarr. A unique feature with this software is its Face Detection tool that lets you edit emotion with precise contours – how about that! It is familiar, easy to learn, and designed for both amateurs and professionals.

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9. Fantasia Painter

This is a unique photo editing software for Windows 10 available for free. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, you can use it to edit photos with features such as brushes that adapt to your painting style, speed, direction and colors.

Other effects such as Sculpt and Clone let you enlarge muscles, swap faces and edit body shapes. You can create your own unique and creative photos while you edit the images. Though it comes free, it contains ads, but you can buy the full version for about $2 if you want the ads to go away.

What’s more, you can sketch with pencil sketches, add color transitions, and use more than 100 effects such as Dirty Paint, Twisted Squares, Pen Eraser and much more. You can also colorize to grayscale, or add different mood effects on the photos, add or edit text with its rare fonts, and take advantage of more than 500 symbols, bubbles and lifelike colors to add pop to your photos.

Ensure you have between 15MB to 50MB of free hard disk space to accommodate Fantasia Painter.

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10. Matissa

photo editing software for Windows 10

Besides a unique name, this photo editing software for Windows 10 lets you enhance your photos with an artist’s creative touch, with over 40 artistic styles and new ones added each week. It is available for free, and you can share your pics as fast as you edit them.

Features include basic tools such as filters, inserting images from your gallery, cropping, zooming in and out, framing, and applying different color brush strokes or grayscale. Its unique feature is that you can remove or turn off the watermark, which is not in so many other such software.

Once you’re done editing your photos, you can download to your gallery, or share with friends on social media.

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11. Fhotoroom

photo editing software for Windows 10

Fhotoroom is one of the top, most advanced and non-destructive photo editing software for Windows 10 that comes with a comprehensive interface.

Not only can you edit your photos, but also share them in your social media channels with family and friends from your computer or device. Features include larger previews, faster and interactive editing, full EXIF and GPS metadata support, support for most major graphic file formats such as JPG, JXR, WDP, PNG, DNG, CRW and NEF among others.

You can also use editing tools such as curves, cropping, resizing, rotation, color correction and exposure correction with the highest level of control and accuracy. Pro features include a HDR filter, de-noise and grain filter, lens correction, masking tool, undo and redo options, before and after filters, drag and drop support, and gorgeous custom designed presets.

Use over 25 custom design adjustable styles to edit your photos, and add adjustable frames for the perfect finish. Basic editing options such as saturation, contrast and cropping are included besides the pro features like color splash, filter brush and many others.

Overall, it is a powerhouse application that can be used by both novices and experts. The Pro Tool is available via in-app purchase for Windows 10.

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Have you found a photo editing software for Windows 10 you’re ready to start using now? Share with us your favorite pick, and if you’ve used any other on this list, share with us your experience in the comments section below.