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  • Windows registries , along side with DLLs, are usually the first elements that you should check out when dealing with most Windows issues
  • Like all type of digital data, registries can also be corrupted, and we will be covering some of the fundamental steps that need to be taken if that happens.
  • This guide is part of a much large hub dedicated to fixing Windows Registries, so check it out since you might need to review it again in the future.
  • Come browse or dedicated Registry Section for more fixes, how-to guides and news on the matter.
corrupted windows registry

Messing with your Windows Registry might end up with a bricked Windows system. If you have managed to corrupt your Windows 10 registry then you need to fix it as soon as possible as you might just end up in losing your data.

Anyway, we will discuss more about this subject during the lines below, so don’t hesitate and check the following guidelines.

Usually you can get a corrupt registry error after making changes within the Registry Editor. That’s why it is more than recommended to backup your registry before changing anything as there you have all the internal settings of your Windows 10 system.

As you can tell, a problem on the registry means a problem on your OS, thus you can end up in having difficulties in using your device. In most of cases, when the registry gets corrupted, the Windows OS must be reinstalled which means that you are losing all of your data.

Anyway, by using the steps from below you can try to fix corrupt registry errors in Windows 10 without reinstalling Windows from scratch. So, try the guidelines from this tutorial and see if you can repair your device manually and without losing your data.

How do I fix a corrupt registry in Windows 10?

  1. Install a Registry cleaner
  2. Repair your system
  3. Run SFC scan
  4. Refresh your system
  5. Run the DISM command
  6. Clean your Registry

1. Install a Registry cleaner

If that isn’t working, you can also use registry software. There are many dedicated tools that you can use to fix missing or corrupt registry keys.

We recommend you Restoro, a program that uses a patented technology that can search previous functional versions of your system elements and can make them work again.

Restoro will scan your registry and in case of malfunctions found, it will restore it to Default Microsoft settings which will make it work like a charm again. You can use this tool to restore your system’s functionalities and recover important files. You can also choose to let it work normally if you don’t need any Registry entries.

2. Repair your system

  1. The Windows installation disk is being required.
  2. Insert the Windows 10 DVD or installation media and reboot your device.
  3. When prompted press any key in order to boot from DVD/USB.
  4. Wait while the installation process is being computer
  5. Now from the Windows installer menu go for Repair and follow the on screen prompts in order to fix your Windows 10 system – the data will not be erased as the OS system will be restored to a stable state.

Stuck on Automatic Repair loop? Don’t worry, we’ve got the right solution for you.

3. Run a SFC scan

In addition, you can choose to run System File Checker:

  1. Launch an elevated Command Prompt window (go to Start, right click on your Start button and select “Run cmd as administrator”)
  2. In the cmd window type sfc / scannow and press Entersfc scannow
  3. If the scan process gets stuck, learn how to fix chkdsk issue.

If you’re having trouble accessing Command Prompt as an admin, then you better take a closer look at this guide.

scannow command stopped before the process finished? Don’t panic, this guide will help you solve the problem.

4. Refresh your system

Windows 10 allows you to reset your computer and leave all your files untouched. This option completely refreshes your system files and may help you fix Registry issues.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to Settings panel > click ok Update and Security
  2. Select Recovery > click on Get Started
  3. Select Reset This PC section, and then Keep My Filesrefresh pc
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

If these methods didn’t fix your Registry problems, then you probably will have to eventually install Windows from scratch.

Also, if you’re having trouble opening the Setting app, take a look at this article to solve the issue.

Need more info about Windows refresh option? Take a look at this article for more info.

5. Run the DISM command

  1. Go to Start > launch Command Prompt as Administrator
  2. Type the DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth command > hit Enterrun dism fix corrupted registry windows 10
  3. Wait until the scan process completes

DISM fails on Windows 10? Check out this quick guide and get rid of the worries.

6. Clean your Registry

Registry entries are the footprints of everything you do on your computer: every app installed, every webpage that you visited, etc. Over time, these entries pile up and may cause Registry issues.

Cleaning them may fix the Registry corruption issues that you’re experiencing. Check out this article for a step-by-step guide on how to clean your Registry entries and keys.

Clean your registry like an expert with the help of this amazing guide written by…you guessed it: experts!

FAQ: Learn more about Windows Registry and their associated issues

  • What is a Windows registry?

A Windows registry is a database of configuration settings in Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

  • Can corrupted Windows registries lead to data loss?

Since an improper registry can lead to programs malfunctioning during their run, they can also indirectly cause data loss.

  • What can a corrupt registry lead to?

Besides data loss, a corrupt registry can lead to the inability of your OS to launch, install and save programs and files, and more.

So, that was all for now; use the steps from above and try to fix Windows 10 corrupt registry. Also, don’t forget to feedback us by using the comments field from below.

If you’ve got additional tips and suggestions on how to fix corrupt Registry keys on Windows 10, you can list them in the comments below. Also, you can leave there any other questions that you may have.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2018 and has been since revamped and updated in March 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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