Could NFT/Metaverse be coming to Xbox soon?

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • The latest Xbox software updates have users in a frenzy leading them to think that it could be an NFT/Metaverse integration.
  • According to the users, the latest update was somewhat different from regular updates because it required you to restart your Xbox for the changes to take effect.
  • This particular request is rare as Microsoft has since moved from such but Xbox normally does this only when the update is significant.
xbox controller

Microsoft’s Xbox team has been making steady progress and the company is also busy bringing new capabilities to its consoles.

It now seems that Microsoft is also planning to integrate GameStop retail stores into its Xbox Live social layer. 

The move seems like a sensible one for Microsoft and is likely aimed at expanding its Xbox Live platform into a more diverse ecosystem of games that can be monetized through microtransactions, which could be seen as a way of competing with Apple and Google’s app stores.

What next for Gamestop?

Although all this is speculation in the forums, it is quite interesting to see a company like Microsoft in the blockchain space, even more, interesting to see a company like Microsoft test the waters of NFTs.

There are so many possibilities that it is hard to see how this wouldn’t be a big hit among gamers. 

It could be a way for game developers and content creators to bring blockchain-powered digital goods to players and enable new ways for them to reward their communities, incentivize participation and create value for their gaming networks.

It could also be a way for players to sell their game items for real money through their accounts. The development means that players can potentially sell in-game items to each other and generate revenue.

What’s new?

It’s unclear what the Purchase Host app is. It may be a new addition to the Xbox platform, or it could be a rebranded version of an existing app.

Still, it’s clear that Microsoft is interested in NFTs and their potential use in gaming. 

There are also some complaints of users getting locked out of their Xbox immediately after the updates so the details are a bit scanty at the moment.

We can only wait for Xbox to unveil the features and let us know what the next game plan is.

Would you be here for NFT/Metaverse integration on Gamestop? Let us know in the comment section below.