Cross Platform Benchmark Software: 4 Best for Advanced Insights

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cross platform benchmarking software
Benchmark software allows you to take note of your system’s performance. Using the software, you can compare the performance before and after the hardware upgrade or two systems with a different set of configurations. The laptop and smartphone manufacturer mostly use benchmarking tools to test the performance of their product before launch. However, as an end user, you can find the area for improving the performance of your device by putting your PC through stress testing. While there is no dearth of benchmarking software for any platforms, having a cross-platform benchmarking software makes the task much easier. It removes the hassle of having to use different benchmarking tools on each platform respectively. In this article, we take a look at the best cross-platform benchmarking software to test the performance of your Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Some of the software also supports mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

Best cross-platform benchmark software for veterans and rookies

Geekbench 4

Geekbench 4

  • Price – Free trial / Premium
  • Supported Platform – Linux, Windows, and macOS

Geekbench may not be the most feature-rich benchmarking software out there; however, it is one of the best cross-platform benchmarking software that you can use on Windows, Linux, and macOS systems.

The software is designed to quickly measure processor performances irrespective of the configuration of the processor. You can use it to measure dual-core as well as multi-core workstations without any issues.

Using Geekbench is easy as well. You can start the benchmarking process using the pre-selected configuration options. If not, you can customize the settings a little bit to meet your requirement.

One interesting feature of Geekbench is the online database it has on offer. The software stores the benchmark results of all the devices in the cloud and allows you to compare your PCs hardware performance with other systems with similar or better configuration.

You can use the information to understand the changes required to make your PC perform better.

Geekbench comes in multiple versions. It starts at $9.99 for a single user single platform license, or you can get the multi-platform single user license for $14.99 and the ultimate Pro version for $99.99.

Purchase the software from the official website as the version on steam is often late in receiving latest updates.

Download Geekbench 4 



  • Price – Free
  • Supported Platform – Windows and macOS

CINEBENCH is not your day to day benchmarking software, but a fully featured stress testing tool that will evaluate your system’s performance and score it accordingly. Unfortunately, it is only available for Windows and macOS users.

The software is a whopping 0.5GB in size which and available from the official Appstore for both the platforms.

Avid gamers interested in your PCs true capabilities, this is the benchmark software for you.

CINEBENCH uses the 3D engine found in the Cinema 4D to measure the CPU rendering performances across the platforms accurately. It is a handy tool for the system administrator to make system purchase decisions by evaluation system performance and user requirement.

If you are a hardware reviewer, CINEBENCH offers everything you need to measure the performance of all the new hardware that hits the market and compare it with the earlier version of the hardware.

CINEBENCH uses a much-complicated text scene than its predecessor. It also uses Intel’s Embree raytracing technology and advanced features on modern CPUs from AMD and Intel making the rendering process twice as fast.

Note that CINEBENCH does not test your systems GPU but exclusively tests CPU performance only. For GPU benchmarking check our next recommendations.




  • Price – Free
  • Supported platform – Windows, macOS, and Linux

Novabench is another cross-platform benchmarking software that allows you to perform the test, compare, optimize and repair your system. It is available for all the three major computer platforms, and you can use the fully functional personal version for free.

There are three primary functions of this software. It allows you to run the benchmark on your computer. The performance results then can be used to compare your system with other results online to spot potential problems. And of course, the ability to tune, upgrade or repair your computer depending on the outcome.

Unlike CINEBENCH, Novabench offers both CPU and GPU benchmarking feature. Using the software is easy. After launching it, click on Start Tests.

Novabench will run the test and display the result with system information. It will allocate a different score for CPU, RAM, GPU, and Disk (with reading and writing speeds), showing a clear picture of what part of the system is underperforming.

Clicking on View performance charts and comparison button will show Total score, CPU score and GPU score with a chart.  You can compare the results with other users online to evaluate and improve system performance.

Download Novabench 


UNIGEN Benchmarl

  • Price – Free
  • Supported Platform – Windows, macOS, and Linux

Since MSI Afterburner is not available for non-Windows machines, UNIGINE’s benchmarking software is the next best thing you can use to stress test your computer to measure the GPU performance. It is a cross-platform app and available for all the three major operating systems.

Using the software, you can conclusively determine the stability of PC hardware including CPU, GPU, Power support and cooling system under stressful conditions to diagnose the issues in advance.

For overclockers, UNIGINE offers the Advanced version of the benchmarking tool. But, for personal use, the basic edition of the UNIGINE benchmarking software provides all you need to stress test your system to unleash its full potential.

Download UNIGINE Benchmark


Depending on your understanding of the computer and its functioning, you can use the cross-platform benchmarking software listed in this article to understand your system’s performance better. Also, if the system needs any upgrades to extract maximum performance out of the CPU and GPU.

However, as noted earlier, do not use the software for overclocking CPU unless you fully understand its functioning and the consequences of an ill-advised overclocking.


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