What are the best cross-platform browsers to use in 2020?

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by Matthew Adams
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  • Web browsers are among the most essential software for all device platforms.
  • These are some of the best cross-platform browser users can utilize on various platforms.
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Web browsers are among the most essential software for all device platforms. All users will need a browser to browse the web on Android, Windows, iOS, or macOS devices.

So, there are quite a few browsers to choose from; but most users are probably only familiar with a minority of them. A lot of browsers only have a very small share of a software market increasingly dominated by Google Chrome.

Internet Explorer was once the king of the browsers, but that has steadily declined in the wake of more cross-platform browsers.

Today, users prefer to utilize cross-platform browsers that support various desktop and mobile platforms. The advantage of utilizing the same cross-platform browser on multiple devices is that users can sync data between PCs and mobile devices.

For example, users can open page bookmarks bookmarked with their desktop browsers on their mobiles with bookmark syncing.

These are some of the best cross-platform browser users can utilize on various platforms.


6 of the fastest cross-platform browsers for Windows




opera cross platform

Opera is a reliable browser that matches many of Chrome’s and Firefox’s features, and in some respects even surpasses them. Even though the browser has embraced a Chromium engine, it retains a distinct look and feel from Chrome and most other alternatives.

Opera is compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS desktop platforms. Opera Mini and Mobile are two alternative versions that users can utilize on iOS and Android devices.

When users first open the Opera browser, it’s immediately apparent that this isn’t just some Chrome clone. The browser’s Speed Dial, which enables users to merge multiple page shortcuts together, is a more novel tab page.

Users can select to pin the Speed Dial’s sidebar that includes handy shortcuts to the browser’s bookmarks, page history, Speed Dial tab, extension tab, and more besides.

The browser includes some novel options, such as Snapshot for screen capturing, Instant Search for opening a search engine box on top of a page, and Turbo Mode. Turbo Mode is one of Opera’s best options as it speeds up browsing by compressing webpage images and graphics.

Users can further speed up the browsing by turning Opera’s built-in ad blocker on. The browser’s My Flow syncing also enables users to sync images, links, text snippets, and notes with other devices.

Opera is also the best browser for extensions. That is primarily because of its Chromium-based engine that enables uses to install Chrome extensions.

Download Opera

On top of that, however, users can also get more exclusive extensions from the Opera add-ons website.


UR Browser


ur browser

The best software is usually hard to find as the people are more accustomed to sticking to mainstream applications from the get-go. That will quite often result in missing out on a quite a gem.

It’s the same with browsers as with anything else in the software world.

But the constant evolution of software development brings more and more quality browsers. UR Browser, the privacy-oriented browser, is something you shouldn’t sleep on.

Everything a user wants from a browser is reliability, speed, and obviously, these days, a seamless transition between platforms. Add the full privacy-oriented remarkableness and you have yourself a perfect browser.

UR Browser hits the sweet spot between these points with, obviously, being focused on the privacy and speed.

For the time being, UR Browser is available for Windows and Mac but, as it’s a quite a new addition to the market, we can definitely expect iterations for the mobile platforms in the upcoming months.

But what’s so special about it, what makes it worth recommending?

Made by quite a small independent team, this browser’s main focus (or goal) is to keep your privacy untouched in the virtual world and preserve your virtual identity. The Privacy Suite offers 3 levels of Privacy.privacy settings ur browser

You can go as much as staying completely anonymous while browsing or go lighter on limitations while browsing a trusted website.

There’s the first-party VPN integration which comes with the browser to hide your digital tracks.

All things considered, you should definitely give it a try. It won’t cost you a thing and you can always swap for an alternative if you don’t deem it fitting to your needs.

Get UR Browser now for free



Vivaldi is still one of the new kids on the browser block. Vivaldi Technologies launched the browser in 2016 to revive the features of the old Presto-based Opera, which is now Chromium-based software.

Thus, Vivaldi is similar to Presto Opera; and it is compatible with Windows (7-10), OS X, and Linux. The Vivaldi team has also confirmed that an Android version is in the pipeline.

Vivaldi is among the best cross-platform browsers as it boasts a plethora of built-in customization settings that few others can match. Vivaldi users can customize the browser’s tab and tab bar positions, address bar, window appearance, Start Page, keyboard shortcuts, and bookmark bar.

In addition, the browser includes a series of page action settings with which users can customize the page display. As this is a Chromium-based browser, users can further customize Vivaldi with the full repository of Chrome’s extensions.

Vivaldi’s tab bar is also one of the best ever. Its tab context menu includes 14 tab management options. The tab bar includes page thumbnail previews, which is something Google has yet to add to Chrome.

Furthermore, users can group tabs by stacking them and then tile the stacks to display multiple pages within one window. So, this browser already has a lot of cool features and options.


Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the world’s favorite web browser. Chrome didn’t climb to the top of the browser pile for nothing as it incorporates all the latest web tech, integrates neatly with Google’s services, and packs in a slew of handy options and features to boot.

This browser is also compatible with a wide variety of platforms, such as Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS, and Chrome OS.

Users love Chrome’s streamlined UI design, speed, and extensions. Benchmarks highlight that Chrome is at least among the fastest browsers.

Chrome boasts a vast repository of extensions and themes that ensures users can customize the browser in many ways. On top of that, this browser also includes some handy tools such as its profile manager, task manager, and a built-in ad-blocker.

Another great thing about Chrome is its advanced sync settings. Users can select to sync their Chrome apps, bookmarks, open tabs, themes, settings, and extensions across multiple devices.

As Chrome is compatible with iOS and Android platforms, as well as Windows, its users can sync browser data to most mobile devices.


Mozilla Firefox

Firefox prevented site from opening pop-up window

Firefox was the foremost browser for a while before the rise of Google Chrome. This browser’s user base might have declined, but Mozilla Firefox is just as good as it once was, if not better, since its Quantum update.

Fox is open-source software that users can utilize on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and OS X platforms.

Today, Firefox is widely regarded as the best Chrome alternative, especially for laptops and desktops with lower system specifications.

Firefox is among the most system resource efficient browsers that utilize less RAM than Chrome and other alternatives.

Since the Quantum update, Fox has been among the faster browsers with quicker page loads than most of the others.

The latest Fox versions also include a few novel page action tools, such as Take a screenshot, Copy link, and Send tab to a device, when enables users to send tabs to Firefox on synced devices.

In addition, Firefox is among the most customizable browsers along with Vivaldi. Users can select Customize on Fox’s menu to add and remove buttons from its URL toolbar and select new themes for the browser.

The Options tab includes customization settings for Fox’s New Tab page, fonts, tabs, and page scrolling.

There are also a plethora of Firefox extensions with which users can transform the browser.


Maxthon 5

vpn maxthon browser

Maxthon 5 is another overlooked browser that boasts great cloud synchronization. Max 5 has been around for a while, but it remains one of the smaller browsers in terms of user base.

Maxthon has minimal system requirements, and users can run it on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. Note that this browser is compatible with older Windows platforms such as Windows XP and 2000.

Max 5 is a cloud browser that enables cross-device browsing for users with Maxthon Passport accounts. Thus, the browser boasts advanced syncing features, such as Cloud Push and Cloud Share for sending and sharing text, images, and website URLs between devices.

Maxthon’s Maxnote also integrates bookmarks with notes that can then be synced across devices.

Aside from its cloud syncing, Maxthon 5 includes some handy tools and options. Users can capture screenshots with its screen-capture utility.

The Resource Sniffer enables Maxthon users to download videos from pages without any additional extensions. Magic Fill automatically fills out some form fields for users.

Plus the browser includes handy shortcuts for external Windows utilities, such as Paint, File Explorer, Notepad, etc.


So, those are five great browsers for users who browse on multiple devices. Opera, Maxthon 5, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Vivaldi are compatible with most platforms and enable users to sync data.

They also include all the essential browser features along with additional novelties and extensive customization options.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2019 and has since been updated for freshness and accuracy.