5 best PC benchmarking software for Windows 10

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  • PC benchmarking software solutions run stress tests on your computer to see how well it handles high resource usage. For instance, you can run a graphics card stress test to see if your PC can run your favorite games.
  • In this list, we added 4 free PC benchmark software tools and what we think is the best-paid program to run computer benchmarks and deliver valuable insights about its hardware and software specs.
  • If you're a gamer, check out the best gaming benchmark software instead.
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PC benchmarking software for Windows 10
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PC benchmarking software tools help you measure the performance of your computer and figure out if it’s powerful enough to run resource-demanding games or applications.

Every desktop or laptop has its own set of system specifications that give you a rough idea of how your PC compares with others.

The standard, listed specifications usually include CPU and clock speed, amount of RAM, HDD storage space, platform, and graphics card details.

Those specifications, however, don’t always provide especially great insight on your system’s overall performance.

Consequently, there are various PC benchmarking software solutions for Windows 10 that enable users to compare their own hardware with other architectures in more detail.

PC benchmarking software usually enables users to apply a series of separate benchmark tests for their laptop’s or desktop’s various hardware components, such as CPU, RAM, GPU, etc.

Then the software returns a score, or rating, for the benchmarked component to provide a comparison with alternative hardware.

This enables users to see how the hardware measures up with the rest, and that can provide an invaluable guide for upgrading hardware. Components with lower benchmark scores are the ones that need upgrading.

So if you’re interested to see how your desktop’s or laptop’s performance measures up, check out these benchmarking tools for Windows.

Here are the 5 best PC benchmarking tools

Before choosing a good tool to run a benchmark on your PC, you should ask yourself the following :

  • How to choose good PC benchmarking software?
  • Is it paid, or does it have a free trial?
  • Can you customize your benchmark?
  • Does it monitor your hardware?
  • Can you benchmark your peripherals (like a printer)?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Can you compare and analyze different results?

You will find all the answers below.

  Rating(1 to5) Price Customize Benchmark Hardware Monitoring Monitoring Peripherals Ease of Use
PC Mark 10 4 Paid Yes Yes Yes Yes
3DMark 4.5 Paid(has trial) Yes No Yes Yes
SiSoft Sandra Lite 3.5 Free Yes Yes Yes Yes
PassMark Performance Test 4 Paid(has trial) Yes No No Yes
Fresh Diagnose 4.5 Free Yes N/A N/A Yes

What are the 5 best free PC benchmarking software?

PCMark 10

Futuremark’s PCMark 10 is the industry-standard PC benchmarking software that gives users a comprehensive overview of their systems.

The software has three versions consisting of a Basic, Advanced, and Professional Edition.

The Basic edition is free, with a more limited number of benchmarks. Meanwhile, the Advanced Edition includes additional benchmarks, detailed hardware graphs, and custom runs.

PCMark is compatible with Windows platforms from 7 to 10, and you can download the free version from the link below.

The primary PCMark 10 benchmark falls into three categories: Essentials, Productivity, and Digital Content Creation. Essentials test out web browsing, video conferencing and app start-up times.

The Productivity category includes features for spreadsheets and word processing. Digital Content Creation is a test group for photo and video editing and rendering.

Overall, with its simulated scenarios, PCMark 10 is one of the most realistic benchmarking tools.

Download PCMark 10 free version

If you also need to test your hard drive, check out this list with the best HDD benchmarking tools.


3DMark is Futuremark’s benchmarking software for Windows, Android, and iOS gaming. This is one of the most highly rated programs for benchmarking PC’s and tablet’s 3D graphics rendering.

With 3DMark, you can find out if your system will run all the latest games. Like PCMark 10, 3DMark also has a freeware Basic, Advanced, and Professional Edition.

3DMark is worth it just for some of the jaw-dropping graphics splashed out during the benchmarks. For higher specification systems, 3DMark has the Fire Strike Ultra benchmark that renders at a 4K resolution.

Time Spy and Sky Driver are the software‘s DirectX 12 and 11 benchmarks, and it includes Ice Storm for benchmarking tablets and mobiles. Once the benchmarks are complete, the software presents users with detailed graphs that provide further details for frame rate, clock speeds, and GPU temps.

Futuremark also regularly adds new benchmarks to 3DMark, and you can update the software with the latest benchmarks.

Download 3DMark free version

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SiSoft Sandra Lite

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SiSoft Sandra Lite isn’t the most straightforward benchmarking software, but it packs a lot in. Aside from its benchmarking options, this software also provides a comprehensive overview of your system’s specifications with its Hardware module.

There are five versions of Sandra Lite, which includes a freeware evaluation you can download from the link below. The Personal version is retailing at $49.99.

SiSoft Sandra Lite boasts a streamlined and intuitive UI design in which all the components are broken down in clear categories. However, the best thing about Sandra Lite is its diverse range of benchmarks for users to choose from.

Users can benchmark graphics processor, RAM, CPU, hard disks, virtual machine, network and more besides.

The software will provide a score for the component and show you alternative hardware benchmark score graphs for comparison’s sake.

Sandra Lite can also provide more general ratings for laptops or desktops instead of just selected components.

Download SiSoft Sandra Lite free version

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Fresh Diagnose

Fresh Diagnose is freeware benchmarking software that you can add to Windows by pressing the Download Free button in the link below.

Note that you’ll need to provide an email ID first so they can send you the registration key. Fresh Diagnose is compatible with most Windows platforms, and it provides a truckload of system details for users.

Fresh Diagnose provides an almost encyclopedic overview of your hardware and software components. It has info for system hardware and software, devices, network, multimedia, database system and hardware resources.

Users can select up to several benchmarks, which include tests for the processor, RAM, display adapter, hard disk, and multimedia.

The software presents benchmark scores on bar graphs that include your own hardware and ten other alternatives.

Although Fresh Diagnose doesn’t have the most extensive benchmarking tools, it’s straightforward to use and includes a wealth of system details.

⇒ Download Fresh Diagnose free version

If you want to test your gaming PC, check out the best benchmarking tools for gaming in this article.

The best PC benchmarking software (paid version)

And now let’s see what’s the best premium paid PC benchmarking software available on the market.

PassMark PerformanceTest

PassMark PerformanceTest is software program that enables users to benchmark their desktops’ CPU, 2D and 3D graphics, hard disk, RAM and more besides.

However, unlike other alternative software, PassMark only runs benchmark tests for desktop. It’s compatible with Windows 10 and older, including Windows 7 and Windows XP.

One of PassMark PerformanceTest novelties is its 3D rotating motherboard model that gives you an overview of your system components. You can click on each component for further details about it.

Overall, the software has 32 standard benchmarks, but it also comes with eight further windows through which you can set up custom benchmarks.

Passmark includes baselines results so that you can easily compare your own desktop with other systems.

In addition, PassMark PerformanceTest provides world figures for each benchmark, which makes for an interesting comparison with your own component score.

Download PassMark PerformanceTest paid version


Those are some of the more notable benchmarking software for Windows 10. These tools give you invaluable insight into your laptop or desktop. You can find out how your machine fares against the latest hardware.

They also include extensive system details and specifications.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section below and we’ll certainly check them out.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We think that PCMark is the best PC benchmarking software for Windows PC, thanks to its comprehensive benchmark tests and user-friendly interface. But you can also check out the other tools on this list.

  • PCMark is, once again, our top choice, because it has a free version available. However, if you’re looking for 100% free PC benchmarking software, use CPU-Z.

  • Use PC benchmarking software like the tools above to benchmark your PC. They show on-screen instructions. Close any open programs, select the type of test you want to perform, and don’t do anything on your PC until the tests are over so that you won’t skew the results.

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