5 cross-platform habit apps to change or boost your habits

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Looking to break off a bad habit or acquire new ones? You might want to employ the service of habit apps. In this article, we are going to be reviewing some of the best cross-platform habit apps, for Windows, macOS, Linux, and other notable operating platforms.

Habit apps are special-purpose tools, designed to help you monitor your habits, by analyzing your behavioral patterns and routines. These tools are basically designed to facilitate the acquisition of new habits or more significantly, get rid of an existing one.

Essentially, habit apps are designed to make you more productive in your daily endeavors.

While habit tracking can be carried out with a paper diary, habit apps are much better, as the whole tracking process is automated, devoid of bias and generally more effective.

There are numerous types and kinds of habit apps today. However, many of these apps are relatively low in quality, and most of them host single support for either Android or iOS.

Nevertheless, there are still a few habit apps that host cross-platform support for multiple operating systems.

In the next section, we’ll be outlining five of the best cross-platform habit apps in the market. Read on!

Best cross-platform habit apps for detailed introspection


everydayCheck best cross platform habit appseverydayCheck is a web-based habit app that allows you to create new habits and/or break off old ones. This tool, as a web-based platform, hosts cross platform support for all internet-enabled devices, including Windows PC, Macbook, Android and iOS smartphones (and tablets). Also, there are designated mobile apps for iOS and Android.

This habit app is very easy to use, as it provides you with a visual display of your progress, in your habit-forming or habit-breaking endeavor.

The app allows you to set goals and develop new habits that are vital to the realization of those goals.

Basically, everydayCheck can be said to be a productivity tool, as it seeks to help you gain control over essential habits or tasks.

These mind mapping tools will help you organize your thoughts and ideas better.

Notable features of everydayCheck include cross-platform compatibility, visual dashboard, reminders, browser extension, calendar, free trial, and more.

everydayCheck is available on a free trial for 30 days, after which you would be placed on a subscription rate of $12 per year.

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Y-Productive best cross platform habit appsY-Productive is not a conventional habit app, but rather a productivity monitoring and enhancement program. It hosts cross-platform support for Windows and Mac computers.

The tool is an advanced habit tracker, which is designed to help you ward off distractive habits and focus squarely on productive tasks.

Y-Productive is an all-around personal productivity tool, specially designed to help you gain control of your habits, especially during working hours.

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Basically, the tool, while blocking distractions, also tracks time spent on each project, productive or otherwise. And it ensures that you are provided with real-time feedback on your progress.

Other key features of Y-Productive include focus mode, website blocker, comprehensive behavioral analysis, productivity charts, task categorization, productivity reports, free trial and many more.

Essentially, Y-Productive, as a habit app, affords you the opportunity of analyzing behavioral patterns (especially work-related), to generate accurate reports on productive and less productive endeavors.

With this, you are afforded the opportunity of correcting your flaws, towards developing more productive habits.

Y-Productive is available at a license rate of €6 per month. You can also make an outright purchase at a price of €59 (lifetime license).

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Strides best cross platform habit appsStrides is a cloud-hosted goal and habit tracking platform, designed to run on all web-enabled devices. As such, it can be used on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS (with designated app) devices.

With such flexibility, Strides stands out as one of the best cross-platform habit apps out there.

This web-based habit app affords you the flexibility of choosing from four unique options.

These options include:

  • Target tracker; enables you to set goals and work towards meeting those goals.
  • Average tracker; helps you determine your average or mean worth/value.
  • Milestones; helps you monitor the progress and pace of your workflow.
  • Habit tracker; helps you form and break habits.

Other key features of Strides habit app include on-track pace setup, progress bar, visual dashboard, tracker template, line charts, log notes, calendar, success rates, daily goals, streaks, online support, and more.

The Strides is offered for free, albeit with limited features. The full version – Strides Plus – is offered at a license rate of $5 per month.

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Lifetick best cross platform habit apps

Lifetick is a popular habit tracker and productivity application. It is a cloud-based program, which can be used on all web-enabled devices, including Windows PC and Macbook, as well as Android and iOS among others.

Lifetick is a versatile productivity tool, designed for both individuals and teams. Typically, the tool can be employed as a study scheduler, training/fitness scheduler, and financial manager among others.

Some key features of Lifetick include charts, widgets, journals, S.M.A.R.T methodology, personal diary, unlimited goals, comprehensive reports, checklists, email reminders, custom branding, data export, and customizable data analysis among others.

Lifetick is available in three license editions. These include:

  • Individual Free option: $0
  • Individual Paid: $39 per Year
  • Teams: $10 per Month

All paid plans are subject to an initial 14-day free trial.

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42goals best cross platform habit apps

42goals is a simple cloud-based habit tracker, designed to help tailor your habits towards achieving your goals. As an online tool, 42goals can be used on any OS platform, be it desktop/laptop (Windows, Mac, and Linux) or mobile (Android and iOS).

With 42goals, you can set daily goals, track progress, visualize achievements and share them with friends and family.

Basically, the web-based program helps you break off old habits and/or acquire new ones. Furthermore, 42goals keeps you regularly updated on your progress, via a visual dashboard.

With this, you are constantly reminded of what you seek to achieve and how close you are to achieving it.

Other notable features of 42goals include preset templates, intuitive user interface, charts, cross-platform support, technical (user) guide, CSV data export, group goals, email support and more.

42goals is available in three pricing variants: Free, Premium ($5 per month) & Corporate (by quote).

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Closing Note

Most of the top habit apps in the market today are specially designed for mobile platforms. However, in the midst of these smartphone-exclusive programs, there are few versatile ones, which are supported across multiple OS platforms.

These apps make up our list of best cross-platform habit apps.

Hence, if you are looking for a versatile habit tracker for your computer and smartphone/tablet, the above-outlined tools are the recommended ones for you.


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