9 best software to learn how to type faster [2021 Guide]

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Software to learn how to type faster
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Do you want to learn how to type faster? Do not worry, this post is meant for you. We have compiled the best learn to type faster software in this post.

Typing has become an essential part of computing as most jobs require typing in one form or another. It is usually embarrassing when typing works are incomplete due to you being a slow typist but this can be rectified thanks to the availability of several typing software.

This software teaches users how to type quickly with all ten fingers without looking at the keyboard this technique is called the touch typing technique.

This technique gives users speed and accuracy rather than other techniques such as the hunt and peck technique in which a person uses two or five of his fingers to type by looking at the keyboard or the buffer technique where a person memorizes a few words and types it quickly without looking at the keyboard.

This typing software that offers to teach touch and type technique are numerous but this are the top typing software that teach users in a user friendly and effective manner with great features.

What are the best tools to learn how to type faster?

Key Blaze typing software

This software is on the top of our list because it supports user profiles from kids, teen beginner or improving, adult beginner, improving or professional, and more.

It comes with various typing games that are geared towards improving typing efficiency and speed.


  • Allows for creation of different profiles
  • Multiple keyboard layouts
  • Allows sharing of test results


  • Poor customer care service.

We should also mention that it comes with options such as games, practice and speed tests.

Keyblaze also supports various keyboard layouts like UK English, Dvorak, German, French, US English, and many more. Users can also compare test results with friends and colleagues.

Key Blaze

Key Blaze

Whether you’re a schoolkid or a grownup, Key Baze has the perfect methods of training your typing speed.
Check priceVisit website

Comfort Typing Lite

Comfort Typing Lite is a great typing software that brings together the synergy between the features needed by the user. You will start with 2 types of templates: plain text and RTF so you can adapt your text to a document or just write it quickly and customize it visually later.

It will allow you to build an indexable multilingual auto-text completion.
With its technical features, you will be able to:

  • Quickly paste frequently used words, phrases, etc;
  • Creating all kind of messages and documents using templates;
  • Switch the language of the text layout;
  • Assign sounds to the keyboard so you can hear when you press your keyboard;

Besides these features, Comfort Typing Lite allows you to secure your templates by using a 448-bit encryption. This awesome tool will help you speed up your work thus directly becoming an essential part of it.

Comfort Typing Lite

Comfort Typing Lite

This awesome tool doesn’t focus solely on typing speed but also an other technical typing that will train you as a typing specialist.
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GS Typing Tutor

This typing software is one of the popular typing software with its powerful and feature-rich tools for learning touch typing. The software supports numerous language options like English, French, Spanish, and many more.

The software gives users courses option such as beginner for users just new to typing to performance for users who are expert and want to test their typing skills. Users can choose to learn typing either single handed or double handed which is a good feature.

It also provides an onscreen keyboard for novices to know where the keys are located and other features of this software include typing tests, diverse types of courses, statistics, and typing games.

The software also supports over 20 keyboard layouts such as QWERTY, Latin American, Swiss-French & German and many more. It is available for free trial which can be purchased fully for $30.


  • Nice user interface
  • Compatible with many keyboard layouts


  • Poor customer support system

Download now GS Typing Tutor

UltraKey typing software

This is popular typing software used by a lot of typists. Ultra key 6.0 has lots of amazing features such as videos and instructional presentations, practice contents, typing tests, word per minute tracking, and lessons with effective instructions.

Ultra key also claims that users just need to use it for 20 minutes per day for 24 days to get a proper understanding of touch typing.

It is also ideal software for typing schools and businesses due to its low cost of maintenance and certificate record keeping through its cloud option. The software also has keyboard layout such as United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

The software also gives the added benefit of using one license key for 3 computers and 8 users. It is amazing typing software to have in homes and businesses.


  • Nice features to learn touch typing
  • Flexibility in use of license key


  • Lack of multilevel typing games

Download UltraKey

Rapid Typing Software

Rapid typing software comes with unique features that make it very popular for typist. Users can choose to learn typing either one handed or two handed. It allows users to configure the keyboard based on language.

It also gives users different training courses from beginner, experienced, advanced with tests to check for users’ proficiency in typing after each course.

The software supports up to 24 languages such as French, English, Spanish, and many more which gives it a worldwide appeal and is ideal for multilingual typing schools or business.

It also comes with a unique rapid typing portable typing software this version does not require install and can be taking anywhere using a USB stick which is quite cool. The software is also free to download.


  • Typing Flexibility
  • Multi-Level lingual keyboard layout


  • Lack of typing games

Download Rapid Typing

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