5 Best Automated Checklist Software [Top-Rated]

Try these great programs to manage your team checklists automatically

by Ivan Jenic
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  • If you find it hard to manage your team checklists, then you need the best automated checklist software on the market.
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Are you finding it difficult to manage your team’s checklists? The ultimate solution is to automate your checklists. By doing this, you are able to save time, cost, and effort. This post by Windows Report brings you the best available automated checklist software in the market.

In a conventional business setup, employers (and employees) spend quality time preparing multiple checklists (of tasks, personnel, and clients) on a daily basis. This significantly affects productivity and impedes business growth.

However, with the adoption of a durable automated checklist software, you can easily automate your checklists and workflow.

While there are several automated checklist software (both durable and less durable ones) in the market, this post has shortlisted some of the best-automated checklist software for you, on the basis of durability, flexibility, affordability, and of course, user-friendliness. Read on!

What are the best automated checklist software?

VirtoSoftware – Workflow activities kit

VirtoSoftware is arguably the leading automated checklist software in the market. It is an on-premise suite of tools, specially designed for SharePoint (a prominent collaborative software).

In addition, VirtoSoftware, which is often referred to as Virto SharePoint, hosts a set of SharePoint web parts, which, altogether, ensure your checklists and workflow are conveniently streamlined and automated.

VirtoSoftware’s core features (SharePoint web parts) include Workflow Activities Kit, Forms Designer, Task/Event Calendar, Kanban Board, and Gantt Chart View, and more.

While all the above-highlighted features are essential to the checklist automation process, the workflow activities kit and forms designer take the forefront.

The activities kit is the designated feature (web part) that streamlines and automate all essential tasks, while the Forms designer is the tool for creating digitized forms, list of tasks, items, events, and so on.

VirtoSoftware is a hub of multi-functional suites, and each suite has its specific pricing package. Nevertheless, you can purchase the whole package, to get an optimized checklists/workflow automation experience.


VirtoSoftware is not only an automated checklist but a whole integrated package with productivity tools.
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Process Street – Intuitive tool

Process Street is one of the most used automated checklist software in the market. It is especially known for its intuitive interface, which makes it ideal for anyone with basic tech know-how.

Process Street allows you to capture every relevant data with little or no hassle. From registering new employee(s) to scheduling tasks to setting up new clients, Process Street manages and keeps track of everything.

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Some of the key features of Process Street include User-friendly Dashboard, Forms, Templates, Checklists, Conditional Logic, Groups, Activity Feed, Media, Customer Support (Live Chat, Email, and Phone), and more.

The above-outlined features not only facilitate checklist creation and management but also manage (and monitor) the entire workflow of an organization. In fact, there are dedicated features that allow you to keep track of your team’s progress, on a real-time, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Furthermore, Process Street, as an office utility tool, is flexibly built to integrate seamlessly with a host of other essential offices (collaborative and utility) tools like Dropbox, Gmail, Salesforce CRM, and over 1000 more.

The Zapier integration function enables you to run all work processes on a unified platform, thereby reducing cost and saving time. The end result is increased efficiency and productivity.

Process Street

Increase efficiency and productivity with the most intuitive tool.
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Waybook – Universal business playbook

Waybook is a training, onboarding, and learning platform designed to offer the best experience to your employees. Basically, you will have all the procedures and guides in one place.

This robust software is exactly what a business needs, namely a complete service that covers more areas, starting with the training hub where you can add materials or tests, LMS (Learning Management System), handbooks, and so on.

On the same note, you’ll be able to store all your process documents and SOPs, thus creating a universal business playbook to include the company operating procedures.

Moreover, it’s likely to create your books for training and onboarding processes toward new employees and therefore centralize the organization’s essential data in one guide.

This way, the onboarding experience will improve by simply organizing it into simple and easy-to-understand workflows. So using step-by-step guides to explain more complex processes will surely transmit clearer information.

In addition, when you have document updates all your company will see it because of the progress tracking tools, always knowing when improvements are made.

To conclude here, this feature-rich software is strongly capable to help any manager to streamline their work to get more productivity and sustainable results.


Increase productivity exponentially while offering a great experience for your employees.
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TeamworkIQ – Templates Library

TeamworkIQ is another top-rated automated checklist software. This software is fairly easy to use; designed with the flexibility of managing checklists and workflow with only a few taps, directly from the comforts of your computer or smartphone/tablet.

TeamworkIQ, as the name implies, is specially built to enhance collaboration among team members, and one of its major functions entails checklist streamlining and automation.

The software takes control of your to-do list and ensures every task, date/deadline, progress, and so on are adequately logged and monitored.

Some of the smart features of TeamworkIQ automated checklist software include Reusable Checklists, Step by Step and Approval Workflow, Recurring Processes, Templates Library, Links, Forms, Photo & File attachments, Conditional Logic, and many others.

You can send an email to the TeamworkIQ sales team to get a suitable quote for your enterprise business.

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Manifestly – Slack integration

Manifestly is a leading automated checklist software, with thousands of users across the globe. It is equipped with best-in-class tools, which enable you to create tasks/procedures, distribute/assign tasks, streamline and automate workflow, meet deadlines and ultimately improve productivity.

Some key features of Manifestly include: Checklists (unlimited), Slack Integrations, Activity Log, Folders & Tags, Zapier Integrations, Template Editor, Audit trail, and Priority Email Support. Live Chat, Mobile apps, File Upload, and more.

The above-outlined features facilitate the creation of task schedules and workflow automation, thereby ensuring you attain optimum efficiency at work.

Also, Manifestly’s Zapier and Slack integration functions enable you to integrate the software with relevant office apps like GitHub, SalesForce CRM, Zendesk, and more.

Manifestly offers a 30-day free trial to new users. And after the expiration of the trial period, users can subscribe to one of the four basic pricing packages on offer.

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Trello – Versatile set of features

Last but not least on our list is Trello! Trello is originally designed as a collaborative/project management tool that enables you to gain control over your team’s workflow. One of the core functions of Trello, however, is checklists automation.

The platform’s API design enables it to integrate with other major office apps, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Process Street, and the like. Its versatile set of features allows you to schedule tasks, assign deadlines and monitor progress.

Furthermore, Trello is flexibly built to support both mobile and desktop devices. In fact, there are dedicated apps for Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Some of the key features of Trello include Checklists (To-Do lists), Personal Boards, Team Boards, Cards, Power-Ups, Custom Backgrounds & Stickers, and more.

Trello offers freemium pricing plans to its users. The “Free plan” is designed for small teams, albeit with limited features, while the premium plan is designed for medium and large businesses, and it is of two categories – Business Class and Enterprise.

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Checklists are essential to the daily workflow of every business, as they are required to create work schedules, onboard new employees, and/or register new clients.

Managing these recurring checklists could be time-consuming and at times, very expensive. Hence, automation of such checklists becomes essential.

This article has outlined five of the best-automated checklist software to choose from, to facilitate checklists (and workflow) streamlining and automation, toward enhancing productivity.