Can Windows 10 Education play games?

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Can Windows 10 Education play games

Windows 10 comes in multiple versions, namely Windows 10 Home, Professional, Education, and Enterprise. Windows 10 Home is the standard version while the other three versions come with more features targetted at different users.

Now if you are a student who was provided with a Windows 10 Education key and wondering if you will be able to play some games in your free time or if you should go with any other version, we made sure to give you some insight.

While you can play video games on any Windows 10 version, there are some differences between these Windows 10 version. Let’s find out which Windows version should you choose for gaming.

Can I play games on Windows 10 Education?

The short answer is yes. There is no restriction on what consumer grade software you can install on Windows 10 Education. The Education version offers all the features of the Windows 10 Home and some additional features that the student may require access to including Active Directory access for Windows domain network.

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Is Windows 10 Education Better for Gaming?

No. In fact, if you are not interested in using any of the advanced features provided by the Windows 10 Education version, you are better of installing the Windows 10 Home version.

Windows 10 Education has more process running in the background which has no benefit for a common user.

On the flip side, Windows 10 Home users miss out on the Microsft’s encryption software BitLocker Encryption. So, if Encryption is something you want to for your laptop or desktop, you can opt for Windows 10 Pro or Education.

Difference Between Windows 10 Education and other Windows 10 Versions?

Windows 10 Home vs Pro Vs Education

The Windows 10 Home is for the normal users who don’t need to use the business features of the Windows OS. However, not having the BitLocker feature is something that put the Home user at a disadvantage. Below is a chart explaining the major differences between the different Windows 10 versions.

Windows 10 Features Home Pro Enterprise Education
Device Encryption Yes Yes Yes Yes
Domain Join Yes Yes Yes
Group Policy Management Yes Yes Yes
BitLocker Yes Yes Yes
Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer Yes Yes Yes
Assigned Access 8.1 Yes Yes Yes
Remote Desktop –           Yes Yes  Yes
Direct Access –           –           Yes Yes
Windows To Go Creator –           –           Yes Yes
AppLocker –           –           Yes Yes
BranchCache –           –           Yes Yes

Which version of Windows 10 do you use as your daily driver? Let us know in the comments below.