Best Cross Platform LAN Games To Play With Friends

LAN parties are still a thing

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Key notes

  • Although LAN parties are not as popular as they used to be, they are not dead by any means.
  • Regardless of the device you are playing on, you can play online LAN games with your friends anytime.
  • Check out our list to find out what games to try out today.
  • Some cross platform games are actually free, such as Dota 2, so you can start playing them right now.

Everything is better when done with your friends, and video games are no exception. While there are many online multiplayer games available for all the platforms, finding a decent collection of LAN party games is not an easy task.

Especially when your friends are not the biggest fan of the platform that you use.

Irrespective of whether your group uses Linux, Windows or MacOS systems, you should be able to host LAN parties with these cross-platform LAN games.

In this article, we take a look at the best cross-platform LAN games that you can play on your Windows, macOS, and Linux systems and relieve the moment of LAN parties before it becomes history.

Which are the best cross platform LAN games?


  • Price – Free
  • Supported Platform – Windows, macOS, and Linux

Xonotic is a free and fast arena shooter game which is addictive and the best game to start your new LAN party. It is completely free to download and play.

Xonotic offers an addictive first-person shooter style gameplay with a wide array of weapons to choose from combined with flexible game mechanics.

Your arsenal has over 9 core and 16 full weapons each with a primary and UT-like secondary firepower including Blaster, Shotgun, Machinegun, Mortar and more.

You can play the game in multiple modes including a normal game mode that offers similar arena shooter experience like other popular games like Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. Then there is a Nebal and Freeze Tag mode with multi-player race support.

Out of the box, Xonotic offers 25 official maps but you can get more community made maps with a single click, or you can create your own if you prefer using the map editor.

Other features in the game include integrated player statistics, customizable heads-up display to include all the information you need, and full customization option to use the game in a competitive environment with anti-cheat system and customizable servers.

Xonotic is an excellent first-person shooter game that is free to use and supports three major platforms.

Download Xonotic 

Warcraft III: Region of Chaos

  • Price – $29.99
  • Supported Platform – Windows and Mac

If fantasy themes and strategy games are your things, Warcraft III is one of the most popular games from Blizzard that is available for only two platforms, Windows and Mac. Warcraft offers both single player and a multiplayer pack that can be played over LAN.

The single player campaign story allows you to play as four mighty races. You can play as Night Elves, Orcs, Undead and Humans.

You can lead the forces into the battle and learn to cast spells, carry special items while advancing in the level. Players are given new quests (objectives) regularly to keep them on their toes.

Being a strategy-based game, Warcraft offers a map covered with black fog, which starts to clear as you advance in the game. The players can begin with building settlement and establish troops to protect it from the enemy attacks.

What’s more? You can expand your map with Warcraft Word Editor to design custom 3D Maps and creation mission with scripts for the unit, spells, etc.

Download Warcraft III 

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  • Price – $33.38
  • Supported Platform – Mac, Windows and Linux OS

XCOM 2, the successor to the original XCOM is a popular cross-platform game that is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems through Steam.

You play the role of a resistant fighter using guerilla combat tactics to fight the new breed of enemy.  Each mission of the game offers new and unique challenges to take on with your friends and other online players.

For all of you who like adrenaline-driven tank combat, check our top tank games for PC and consoles.

In the single-player campaign mode, the players issue the command from the base to research and develop new weapons to fight the non-human enemies.

One of the highlights of XCOM 2 is its new random maps that take you on a new mission around the world from wildlands to the heart of alien-controlled cities.

Thanks to the open-ended gameplay mode that allows you to decide your target and counter enemy operations. You can also recruit fighters from five soldier classes, each with its own skill sets to create your strike force.

XCOM 2 is an excellent strategy game with some rave reviews and multi-player support. If you have played XCOM, there is no reason to miss XCOM 2.


Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

  • Price – $20 approx.
  • Supported Platform – Windows, Mac and Linux OS

The latest iteration of Warhammer 40K comes with new story modes that show the planet under siege by the armies of Ork. This war game is a brutal battle between three warring factions.

Warhammer is a critically acclaimed game with an average score of 8/10 from the reviewers. You play as the main lead Gabriel Angelos, the commander of the Blood Raven with a big hammer.

Dawn of War 3 is a strategy-based war game that offers a better story than its predecessor. The full campaign is 17 missions long, and you can play all the three fractions (Space marines, Orks and Eldar) to complete the game.

You can play the game on LAN or join the army online to forge new alliances. Warhammer III offers all that you need from a war game including epic actions, elite collection squads, super destructive abilities, and a fully customizable army.

Download Warhammer III: Dawn of War

While the concept of LAN parties may not be as an intriguing as it was a decade ago (thanks to the online gaming community) it can still be a fun experience as you get to face your friends face to face and challenge them.

LAN parties are a fading trend, but the online gaming communities cannot beat the excitement and competitiveness offered by the traditional and evergreen LAN parties.

All the games listed in this article allow you to host your own LAN game party without having to worry about the system compatibility.

So, what cross platform LAN games are you playing today? Let us know your favorite game in the comments below.

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