4 of the best cryptocurrency alert apps and services

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cryptocurrency alert apps

Trading cryptocurrency is a popular form of investment, but it isn’t a secret that the market tends to be volatile. Due to lack of regulations, intrinsic value, etc, price swings are quite common. This doesn’t necessarily make investing in cryptocurrencies a bad decision. In fact, it seems that it will be around for a very long time. Nevertheless, with all the price swings, it is important for an investor to constantly be informed of the price changes.

Setting alarms for price movements of your choice can help you make better decisions. For example, some applications allow you to put an alert if the price went down or up by 5%. If you think such an application could be helpful, then you will want to read our list of best cryptocurrency alert apps that can be used on a Windows device.

Cryptocurrency price alert apps


ICO Watchdog

First up, is ICO Watchdog. ICO Watchdog is unique as it sends alerts through telegram, Slack, and Facebook messenger. This means that you can literally use ICO Watchdog on any platform, from iOS to Windows 10 Mobile. It really is an ingenious way for all users, regardless of the type of device they use, to access this cryptocurrency alert service.

What is Slack?

Slack, a productivity app, is available as a UWP app in the Windows Store. You can use it to receive crypto coin alerts from ICO Watchdog. In fact, there are many other useful features on Slack that can help you with managing your work. You can use it to communicate with your work team, share files, integrate workflow, customize alerts, and much more. If you interested in the app you can check it out here.

What alert features can I expect from ICO Watchdog?

There are free features as well as premium features for this product. As for the free features, you can expect:

  • Daily funding data and reports of ICOs of your choosing.
  • Real time alerts in price and volume spikes of any coin you choose.
  • Notifications of when a ICO is trading.

Here are the premium features of ICO Watchdog:

  • You will be given professional advice and insights on how to spot a breakout. You will be able to determine this by analyzing ICOs, PreICOs, and active trading coins, etc.
  • Another premium feature is price forecast. You will be given a 365 day prediction of a coin’s price.
  • You will also be given advance tools that can help you detect trading patterns.

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If you are looking for a lightweight and user friendly product, then you will want to check out Coinwink. The great thing about this service is that it respects your privacy, is open source,and sends you alerts through emails or SMS. It has well maintained and optimized servers. This means that you will be one of the first to know of the price changes of your cryptocoin.

Coinwink lets you avoid having to constantly check cryptocurrency prices. This is because once your coin hits a certain threshold, you will be automatically alerted. Having this sort of detached perspective can actually benefit the trader in terms of positive outcomes.

Coinwink is completely free of charge. It has thousands of registered users and sends out over a 100 thousand alerts regularly.

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CoinMarketAlert is similar to Coinwink in the sense that they are both websites. There is also the fact that CoinMarketAlert can be used to send you notifications via email. The idea is also fairly the same, once a coin hits a threshold you will receive an alert. You can choose to track a wide range of cryptocoins and see their prices in both fiat and crypto currencies.

If you are not a fan of receiving alerts through email, then you can choose to receive them in your Telegram account, or through push notifications and webhook.

There are several other tools on this website related to crypto coin trading that you can make use of. CoinMarketAlert may not be as userfriendly as Coinwink, but it certainly has more features.

One such feature that is especially interesting is the cryptocurrency news. Using the CoinMarketAlert website will give you quick access to recent articles all based on the crypto coin market. There’s also a list of the latest ICOs that you can make use of.

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Coindera is a powerful cryptocurrency website that is so much more than just an alert service. While Coinwink and CoinMarketAlert offers basic alerts based on the changes of crypto coin prices, Coindera lets you create alerts based on percentage increase or decrease, volume increase or decrease, trading spikes, and more.

As you can see Coindera is a more well rounded alert service that let’s you see the “bigger picture”. You can choose to receive these alerts in the from of SMS, Telegram, email, and push notifications. All the major markets are supported and you will be able to track cryptocurrency from their data base of 11,000 plus coins.

Coindera also has a free plan as well as a payed (pro) plan that you can choose from.

Here’s what to expect from the free plan:

  • Up to five active alerts
  • 30 plus markets
  • Can receive notifications through SMS, push, email, and Telegram
  • No access to support
  • Price point

Here’s what to expect from the premium plan:

  • Unlimited amount of active alerts
  • Receive alerts through push, email, SMS, and Telegram
  • 30 plus markets
  • Access to support
  • Percentage change, price point, and regular update alerts
  • Costs 5 dollars a month

Coindera is a great tool to use for the serious investor. The alerts are advanced and useful, which means that you will be able to track your coins more efficiently. The interface is very well made. Overall, Coindera certainly deserves it’s place in this list.

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Using an alert service can revolutionize the way you trade cryptocoins. Because such a service can eliminate the need to constantly check prices online. Also, with these 4 best cryptocurrency alert apps and services you have access to a wide range of other services that will help improve results of your investments.

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