4 of the best decentralized cloud storage solutions to use in 2018

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Decentralized cloud storage

Blockchain technology is going to mark a new revolution in the information era. Believe it or not, blockchain will become the norm in the coming years and there will be blockchain applications for virtually everything, from financial apps, and IoT to cloud storage services and more.

As a matter of fact, there is already a wide variety of blockchain applications on the market that are viable solutions for your storage needs. In this post, we’re going to focus on the best blockchain cloud storage solutions that you can use in 2018.

Decentralized cloud storage services for Windows 10



sia decentralized cloud storage

Sia is a decentralized storage platform that uses blockchain technology to secure users’ files and folders. The platform uses a very smart approach to build its storage capacity. Namely, it relies on underutilized hard drive capacity from computers around the world. Once it identified this potential storage space, Sia basically creates a data storage marketplace that offers a series of advantages compared to traditional cloud storage solutions.

File owners themselves are the only persons who have access to the encryption keys. The platform encrypts and then distributes your files across the entire network. There is absolutely no third party that can access and read your files since the platform uses no central storage servers.

It is also worth mentioning that Sia has very low cloud storage costs. For example, storing 1TB of files costs only $2 per month.

To learn more about Sia, go to the platform’s support page.



filecoin decentralized cloud storage

As its name suggests, FileCoin is a decentralized cloud storage platform that rewards you with FileCoin cryptocoins for hosting files. In other words, you can become a FileCoing miner and put the unused storage capacity of your Windows computer to work.

It is worth mentioning that the FileCoin cryptocurrency will soon be traded on exchanges. This means that you’ll be able to exchange Filecoin for other fiat currencies as well as other altcoins.

Key features of FileCoin include:

  • Your files are stored in secure places using end-to-end encryption.
  • The platform is driven by Asks and Bids which are visible and fair to everyone.In this manner, you’ll get the best possible price and guarantees.
  • The platform uses decentralized and verifiable storage technologies that include proof-of-replication to verify storage and proof-of-space-time for mining blocks.

FileCoin will be globally launched in the near future. Judging by the platform’s whitepaper, FileCoin is definitely going to be one of the best decentralized cloud services out there.



storj blockchain cloud storage platformStorj 
is another great choice if you’re looking for a decentralized blockchain cloud storage service. This platforms offers secure, encrypted, private and reliable storage services, so you don’t need to worry about data privacy anymore.

Storj uses strong private keys to secure your files and prevent third-parties from accessing them. Cryptographic hash functions reinforce the entire blockchain architecture blocking any monitoring or censorship attempts. The platform basically shreds your files into thousands of pieces that it then stores on computers locate in various parts of the world.

Storj is cheaper and faster than traditional cloud storage solutions that rely on massive datacenters to run their operations.

For more information, go to Storj’s official webpage.

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maidsafe decentralized cloud storage

MaidSafe intends to build a new decentralized Internet architecture. The platform uses the same principles as other decentralized cloud storage solutions. This means that miners basically rent out their unused computer power to MaidSafe’s network (which is called SAFE). In other words, miners share their drive space and CPU power in exchange for Safecoins. You can then sell the coins for other cryptocurrencies.

MaidSafe fully encrypts your data and files, so that nobody can access them. User anonymity is another key characteristic of this platform, your files are not stored on any servers which means that third-parties cannot access them.

The currency is the data. The SAFE Network’s currency is data and is secured on SAFE like all forms of data. In essence, the network is the ledger, but here that ledger is private and integrated, not an add-on.

You can read more about MaidSafe on the platform’s official webpage.

These are four of the best decentralized blockchain-based cloud storage solutions that you can use on your Windows 10 computer. As you can see, all four feature similar technologies. We’re sure that new decentralized cloud storage platforms will hit the market in the near future and we’ll update this post accordingly.

If you already used some of these decentralized cloud storage platforms or others, tell us more about your user experience in the comments below.



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