Destiny 2’s massive 68GB free space requirement keeps players on edge

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Destiny 2 has been making headlines recently considering it’s one of the most anticipated titles of 2017. As such, many are keeping their ears close to the ground for any possible news regarding the game. Recently, Bungie spilled the beans about the game’s storage requirements and according to the former Halo developer, those that want in on the fun need to have 68GB of free space.

A lot of free space is required

This change will take effect starting in September 2017, but until then details are a bit thin. There are other things to consider as well, such as different game updates which can’t be skipped since they contain critical information or features for the game, so additional space will be required. Other updates and features might be developed too and require even more space.

Make sure you have a very big hard drive

There are even more uncertainties regarding Destiny 2. For starters, rumors have it that Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is going to get first dibs on the game once it comes out. This is something future Scorpio owners will look forward to and also explains the 68GB of free space requirement, something that is more understandable since it’s 4K-ready.

History repeats itself

The thing to keep in mind is that this minimum space requirement is not final and it’s better to prepare rather than have to delete a bunch of stuff on installation day. For example, the size of original Destiny is somewhere around 50GB now, but when it launched it was only around 20GB big.



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