Devil May Cry 5 frequently reported issues on PC and Xbox

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devil may cry 5 bugs

We know how much you enjoy hacking and slashing at the opposition and sending them back to Hell. Whether you’re slicing and dicing with Rebellion or pommeling demonkind with your mechanical arm, players are going to have a blast.

But when the unexpected adds to the battle, the odds are that something is in need of fixing.

Bugs or glitches might affect the game, with some instances occurring since the game was released at the beginning of March 2019.

In this article, we’re going to take a look on what Steam users have experienced in terms of issues since they first fired up the game, and gave us insights into their experiences.

Devil May Cry 5 bugs

1. Stuttering

A few players reported issues with the game running with hiccups even on some mid-level systems.

Stuttering issues still persist. I have a GTX10603gb, i5-6400 along with 16gb ram and I’m stuttering like crazy even with DX11 and settings on medium. Especially on Mission 1-3. Cutscene desync and gameplay stutters every few seconds. […] Tested graphics settings with other games and I’m not getting any problems with them.

While other players have reported lagging on high-end systems.

I have a new MSI laptop with i7 and GeForce GTX1060, 16 GB RAM and it is not enough to run this game smootly? I already put the settings down to middle and it still lags!

For more information on how to fix game stuttering and lag issues, check out the troubleshooting guides listed below:

2. Dante’s abilities are not always available

Some players have reported inconsistencies with their skill upgrades and their actual in-game progression.

I bought all the abilities for Dante but it still shows 85% and i can’t get the Be The Legend achievement

3. Devil May Cry 5 crashes

Most newly launched games will have issues when it comes to launching the game, and Devil May Cry 5 is part of that club.

Are Capcom going to fix the problems in DMC5? I literally can’t play the game it just crashes

Other users noticed this issue occurs only during certain boss-fights. It’s all fun and game, you fight, you progress through the game, you’re a hero. But when the boss-fight turns on you, it’s no laughing matter, as a few users have reported certain some boss-fights will downright freeze their systems.

I’m getting full crashes that just freeze my whole PC until I reboot. It’s happened in the boss fights of missions 5 and 8. The game simply freezes, in a similar way to a GPU crash, and trying to do anything like alt-tabbing causes the whole computer to freeze on that and the only solution is to reboot the whole computer.

If you’re experiencing the same problem, the following guides may help you fix it:

4. 4K HDR calibration issues

It’s not unexpected when a new game comes out, and it can face a few issues with modern settings and gear. One player reported calibration issues with his 4K screen.

I’m using Samsung KS8500 4KHDR. Windows 10 64bit 1080ti , I5-3570k , 16 GB RAM and SSD […] The game automatically turns on HDR – which is fine. However I noticed the screen gets a purple tint filter, and darken, somewhat washed out look. As if something is filtering the screen through a veil. […] How can I properly calibrate HDR in this game?

5. Menu for buying devil breakers for Nero disappears

You can stock up Nero with additional items in-game, but some users have reported the purchase menu dissapearing.

Really enjoying the game, but am having a weird issue where i cant buy devil breakers for nero, the menu to buy them appeared only once when i started the game, now am near the end and i realized that i cant buy any, i though it was normal but it seems to be bug ?basically the menu does not show the option to buy them.

6. Nero move glitch

Not even other playable characters are sparred from the occasional glitch, one user reporting that Nero has issues performing a specific attack.

Exceed Bug? So guys, im playing with controller, i have some bug with Nero for perform Exceed. Only Can get Stacks with E in my keyboard, LT not Working, Someone Have this same bug ?

7. Devil May Cry 5 black screen issues

Sometimes games are bound to have screen problems, with some users having reported issues when it came to black screen issues when running the game.

My screen goes black but with music on the backround running whenever I kill Artemis. Does anyone know a fix for this? I cannot proceed to the next stage. Please help, I have killed this boss with couple graphic changes but it seems nothing works.

8. FPS problem

While the game is out for a short time, there seem to be optimization issues plaguing some users. They reported the framerate drops during certain moments in the game.

i am really confused in some area in dmc 5 my fps drops into 50 fps but the workload from my gpu and cpu is around 50-60% and the funny part is when i want to lower the graphics settings then i have still the fps drops no matter which setting this makes no sense have anybody the same problem?

9. Controller and camera randomly stop working

Some users have reported their controller losing inputs at random intervals while playing Devil May Cry 5.

I am using an xbox one controller. It is new, it works perfectly in MK X. At random the game no longer receives inputs from the controller, it refuses movement from the mouse and the menu no longer works. Moving around with the keyboard and attacking with the mouse work. Alt tabbing also causes it.

There you have it, the Devil May Cry 5 issues reported by users.

In the meantime, we’ve created a list of fixes that could help alleviate some of the issues you might have encountered so far with the game.

Have you experience other game bugs apart from the ones already listed in this report? Do let us know in the comments below.