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  • As a new player, Diablo 3 can be a daunting title, but with the help of these skill calculators, you will manage to find your way through the trials that the world presents.
  • Thanks to the love and dedication of fans, Diablo 3 has a vast collection of third-party resources that new players can use to better understand their characters.
  • If you are just joining the Eternal Conflict, then our Diablo 3 Page will be an invaluable resource for guides and game fixes.
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diablo 3 skill calculators
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Whilst seasoned Diablo players have a clear plan of their character progression, you might find yourself disheartened by the prospect. This is where a Diablo 3 skill calculator can help.

While eagerly awaiting the release of Diablo 4, new players wanting to take part in the adventures of Sanctuary look towards Diablo 3 to immerse themselves in the rich lore and fast-paced gameplay that Blizzard has created.

Before the release of Diablo 3, Blizzard put out a Diablo 3 skill calculator on the official website, but in the years since, several such build planners have cropped up, offering more information and a comprehensive database of items.

How can I use the Diablo 3 skills calculator?

1. Official Diablo 3 calculator

Diablo 3 skills overview

  1. Go to the Diablo 3 Game Guides page (EU Link | US Link)
  2. Select Skill Calculator from the Tools section
  3. Select your desired class
  4. Browse through the skills
  5. Save your build

Note: if you do not log in to your account, you can still save build but they will be kept as cookies and if you clear your browser’s cookies, you will lose the saved builds.

You can save up to 15 builds on this Diablo 3 skill calculator, and because it is linked to your account, you will be able to come back and revisit them.

Additionally, any in-game characters you’ve created will be available to view on your profile page.

This tool was created prior to the release of Diablo 3, but it has been updated to skill changes and new class introductions.

Whilst it does not calculate player stats or take items into account, it is a good resource for new players to familiarise themselves with Diablo 3 classes and their abilities.

2. D3Planner

diablo 3 skill calculator

  1. Go to the Diablo 3 Planner
  2. Select the Class you play as
  3. Click on each item and select the desired item from the dropdown list
  4. Add your Skills and Paragon points
  5. Check the stats on the right-hand side

D3Planner also allows players to import their in-game characters and go into the finest details of their builds by simulating what effect changing stats, items or sockets would have on their DPS.

This Diablo 3 skill calculator is one of the best tools you can use to build and test your character.

This is especially important when you find a much-needed item and you want to see what effect changing its stats would have.

As you know, once you have committed to changing a stat, this cannot be undone and by using a tool such as this, you can see the different effects without committing to the change.

Want to get more power out of your legendary item in Diablo 3? This is how you augment it for more damage

3. Diablo 3 Misc Calculators

diablo 3 skills and items

As you will progress through your Diablo 3 journey and your knowledge of the intricacies of your character, you will start to look at minute details to give you that extra edge when pushing the greater rifts.

There are many Diablo 3 calculators which can help you on this journey. Here are a few that we recommend to new players:

  1. Paragon Calculator
  2. XP time calculator
  3. Legendary Gem upgrade success rate
  4. Vitality vs % Life
  5.  Critical Hit Chance vs Damage

We highly recommend the D3 Resource repository where you can find information on all aspects of the game. This fan-made website can be an invaluable resource when starting out in the world of Diablo.

As a new player, Diablo 3 could be a daunting title, but with the help of these skill calculators and other tools, you will manage to find your way through the trials that the world presents.

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