5 of the best digital storytelling apps for Windows PCs

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Are you interested in digital storytelling? Are you looking for a powerful way to facilitate your learning environment? Do not worry, this post is meant for you.

Stories are important irrespective of the scenarios; you can tell a story to a group of students, prospective clients or the world as a whole. Storytelling may take various forms and shapes.

However, digital storytelling is the process of infusing digital contents via technology into the narration process. Digital contents such as audio, video, stills, animations, transitions, etc are used through this medium.

If you are interested in digital storytelling, in this post we discuss 5 digital storytelling app which you can use on your Windows PC.

Best digital storytelling software for Windows PC

  1. Microsoft PowerPoint

powerpoint story telling app

If you are interested in digital storytelling, you need to consider using Microsoft PowerPoint – one of the components of Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft PowerPoint can be classified as digital storytelling software due to its intriguing features; some of the benefits of using MS PowerPoint include:

  • Easily add images using with picture-editing tools.
  • Add or record audio so as to sync with your presentation slides
  • Use transitions and animations to improve your stories
  • Embed and edit files with your presentations
  • Organise slide sections and print your presentation
  • Easily create digital stories using several layouts, colour themes and background images
  • Quickly export your presentations to several file formats

That’s it! You can easily create your own digital story by using PowerPoint which is probably available on your Windows PC already.

  1. Microsoft Photo Story

Microsoft Photo Story

This digital storytelling application from Microsoft enables you to create slideshows from digital contents, add special effects, and your own music, and your own narration to make up a digital story.

Photo Story is a free and user-friendly program by Microsoft and it is available for various Windows OS from Windows XP to Windows 10. You can easily use Photo Story to tell any stories to others; even a novice can use it.

Moreover, you can get more information on how to download and install Photo Story on Windows 10.

  1. PhotoStage Slideshow Software

photostage slideshow

This program is popular among digital storytellers because it has a nice interface. However, the program is available in both free version, while pro version can comes with extended functionalities. Some of the features of PhotoStage Slideshow Software include:

  • Easy to add digital contents such as images, video clips, music, captions, and narration
  • Easy to use slideshow creator
  • Digital content enhancement
  • Stunning photo transitions and effects
  • Easy to share digital story (save as video files or optimize for the web and portable devices)
  • Mix multiple music tracks with MixPad Audio File Mixer

PhotoStage Slideshow Software is Windows friendly and you can download the free version here.

  1. Movie Maker

movie maker app

Movie Maker is free software which is ideal for digital storytelling and video editing. Windows Movie maker support the versions of Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10 (part of Windows Live Essentials suite).

Key features include:

  • Use transitions and animations to improve your stories
  • Digital content enhancement
  • Several direct 3d effects
  • Integrated with One Drive, Facebook, You Tube, and Flickr
  • Support files versions such as WAV, MP3, 3GP, FLV, MPG, AVI, ASF, JPEG, MOV and WMA formats.

You can download this application from Microsoft’s website.

  1. Prezi (Online App)

prezy storytelling software

Prezi is a premium application. It is popular for its nonlinear presentations, and slide to slide presentations. You can add digital contents such as images, audio, music, transitions, videos, and many more to your story. However, Prezi is web based.

Key features include:

  • Advanced image editing tools.
  • View and edit your presentations on-the-go.
  • Download digital story for offline use
  • Save your digital story on the cloud
  • Full library of templates which you can customize

You can access Prezi at its official website.

Do share with us your experience while using any of the digital storytelling applications we mentioned above.



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