How to fix the Radeon Settings: Host Application has stopped working error

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The “Radeon Settings: Host Application has stopped working” error arises for some users with AMD Radeon graphics cards. That error message can pop up for users when playing games or during the system startup. It means that the AMD Catalyst Control Center program for the graphics card has stopped responding.

The “Radeon Settings: Host Application” error is primarily a Radeon graphics card driver error. Thus, users usually need to update an outdated or corrupted graphics card driver to fix the issue. However, users often need to update  their drivers in Safe Mode to ensure that no third-party antivirus utilities, or other programs, generate any issues when installing the replacements.

This is How Users Can Fix the “Radeon Settings: Host Application” Error

1. Cleanly Install the Latest Radeon Graphics Card Driver

  1. First, download the installer for the latest AMD graphics card driver from AMD Drivers and Support. Select the graphics card on the list, click Submit, and then download the latest compatible graphics card driver.
  2. Add the Display Driver Uninstaller utility to Windows.
  3. To ensure Windows Update doesn’t automatically reinstall a graphics card driver, press the Windows key + R hotkey. Enter ‘services.msc’ in the Open text box, and click the OK button.Services window disable radeon settings host application
  4. Double-click Windows Update on the Services window.Windows Update window disable radeon settings host application
  5. Select the Disabled option in the Startup type drop-down menu.
  6. If the service is still running, press the Stop button.
  7. Click the Apply and OK buttons.
  8. Next, open the Run accessory again with the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut. Enter ‘C:\AMD’ in Run and click OK.The Run accessory disable radeon settings host application
  9. Then press the Ctrl + A hotkey to select all the files in the AMD folder.
  10. Click File Explorer’s Delete button to erase the selected files.
  11. Uninstall additional AMD software by entering ‘appwiz.cpl’ in Run and clicking OK. Then select AMD Software, and press the Uninstall button.The Windows uninstaller disable radeon settings host application
  12. Thereafter, restart Windows 10 in Safe Mode. To do so, enter ‘msconfig’ in Run’s Open text box and click OK.
  13. Then click the Boot tab on the System Configuration window shown directly below.The Boot tab disable radeon settings host application
  14. Select the Safe boot and Minimal options.
  15. Click the Apply button, and press OK to close the System Configuration window.
  16. Select the Restart option to reboot Windows in Safe Mode.
  17. There shouldn’t be any third-party antivirus utilities running in Safe Mode. However, double-check that third-party antivirus utilities are disabled.
  18. Uninstall the Radeon Graphics Card driver with Display Driver Uninstaller, which will thoroughly remove the driver. To do that, select the AMD option on DDU’s drop-down menu; and press the Clean and restart button.
  19. Thereafter, open the Radeon graphics card driver installer downloaded from the AMD website. Then install the AMD driver with its installer.
  20. Users can turn off Safe Mode after installing the driver by unchecking the Safe boot check box on System Configuration’s Boot tab (from which it was originally selected).

2. Adjust User Permissions for Cnext.exe

  1. Users have also confirmed that adjusting user permission settings for Cnext.exe, otherwise the AMD Catalyst Control Center, can also resolve the “Radeon Settings: Host Application” error. First, open File Explorer by pressing the Windows key + E keyboard shortcut.
  2. Open the Cnext folder either from C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86).
  3. Right-click Cnext.exe in the Cnext folder to select the Properties option.
  4. Select the Security tab on the Properties window.Security tab disable radeon settings host application
  5. Press the Edit button to adjust the user permissions.
    Allow permissions disable radeon settings host application
  6. Click Users and select all the Allow check boxes.
  7. Select the Administrators group, and select all the Allow check boxes for user permissions.
  8. Press the Apply button to save the settings.
  9. Click OK to exit the window.

Those are two resolutions that have fixed the “Radeon Settings: Host Application” error for numerous users. Then users can play games without any “Host Application” error messages popping up.



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