How to Disable UI Animations in Windows 8, 8.1

2 minute read

For those of you who have Windows 8 and you want to disable the animation app it can be done very easy. Animations are nice to have around when you let your kids play at the computer for example but if you want to do some real work the animations app on Windows 8 can be quite distracting and it might take you longer to finish your work than you want.
how to disable animation Windows 8
Animations app on Windows 8 is basically a tool that makes your operating system more colorful by adding a few extra features to the system but for a user that wants to keep the Windows 8 PC just for working purposes it isn’t very useful as it will increase your operating time on the Windows 8 PC. We will see exactly how to disable this app on Windows 8 in a couple of steps below .

Steps on how to disable UI animations for Windows 8

  1. Move the mouse over the right side of the screen.
  2. Click (left click ) in the search box right under Apps under the Search menu.
  3. Type in there “Computer”
  4. Click (right click) on the Computer icon that appeared on the left of the screen.
  5. Click (left click) on “Properties” in the lower side of the screen.
  6. Click (left click) on “Advanced system settings” situated on the right in the window “System”
  7. Under the “Performance” section in the Window we need to click(left click) on the “Settings…”
  8. Now a window “Performance Options” pop-ed up, click (left click) on “Visual effects “tab situated on the upper side of this window.
  9. Click (left click) on “Custom:” in that window.
  10. From here if we want to disable the animations we only need to uncheck the ones we don’t want from the left of the name.
    Example:”Animate controls and elements inside windows”, “Animate Windows when minimizing and maximizing” or “Animations in the taskbar” are just a few animations we can disable from this menu.
  11. Click(left click) on “Apply” situated on the lower right side of the “Performance Options” window.
  12. Click (left click) on “OK” situated on the lower left side if the “Performance Options” window.

Keep in mind that if you disable these animations it will not only help with the work you are trying to do on your Windows 8 PC but it will also improve the performance of the operating system.

So these are the steps you need to do in order to disable UI animations on Windows 8.Don’t hesitate to write to us below for any extra opinions on this matter and what we could do to make your experience on Windows 8 better.

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