Disney Plus is not streaming full screen? Try these methods

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Disney Plus full screen issues

Like it or not, there are still plenty of Disney Plus features that are in the works. This happens with pretty much any new streaming app but at least Disney Play reassures users that The Simpsons won’t remain in 16:9 widescreen forever.

There’s a reasonable explanation for Disney’s Plus full-screen streaming problems. The first episodes of The Simpsons weren’t designed for widescreen. Back in its early days, the 4:3 aspect ratio was the industry standard for old-school televisions.

So, when the first 19 seasons get converted to the current 16:9 standard, you are missing parts of the images. The good news is that we’re expecting a function to switch the episodes back to their original 4:3 aspect ratio shortly.

However, there are some nifty tricks you can apply until this happens. They are of great importance especially when subscribers seem to complain that Frozen and The Mandalorian titles aren’t streamed properly in full screen either.

The top and bottom black bars are either cut off or occupying to much space and these little things could ruin the viewers’ experience.

How do I make Disney Plus stream in full screen?

1. Use some quick controls

useful keyboard shortcuts

Things aren’t at all complicated if you’re no stranger to similar media apps and own a device that comes with a keyboard attached. Some useful keyboard shortcuts work on all supported PCs and laptops, including Chromebooks.

This time, you just need to press F to enter fullscreen mode and Esc to exit. As convenient as these shortcuts may sound, note that keyboard controls don’t work with the Disney Plus Android app on phones and tablets at the moment.

Isn’t your keyboard functioning property? Learn how to use your Android device as a Windows 10 PC keyboard instead.

2. Switch to a different streaming device

streaming devices

Sometimes, 21:9 titles (as most movies on Disney Plus are) will have bars on top and bottom. They simply aren’t compatible with the aspect ratio that your device can display. Try switching to a different compatible device.

It’s disappointing when you cannot enjoy the full size of your ultrawide monitor, but things could be different on your tablet or phone. Just log in with your details and see if you can enjoy a better viewing experience.

3. Add Chrome extension with ultrawide fullscreen support

Chrome extension

This extension is recommended for those using ultrawide monitors. Just add the button to Chrome toolbar and easily toggle fullscreen scaling of your Disney Plus videos.

Add Disney Plus Ultrawide Fullscreen Support on Chrome

4. Keep an eye on fresh updates

fresh updates for Disney Plus

On the old Simpsons World app from FXX, you could toggle between 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. It’s a bit of a shame that we’re still waiting for this feature on Disney Plus, but that’s why checking for updates in your streaming device’s app store is recommended.

When the long wanted feature finally rolls out, you don’t want to be the one missing it. No less important, in addition to making streaming full screen enjoyable again, this should also fix the fuzzy look of all these episodes that got cropped and expanded to fill a large screen.

If you have other suggestions for tackling this problem, let us know by using the comments section below so that other users can try them as well.


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