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A Portable Document Format (also known as PDF), is probably one of the most common and versatile file formats available. These can contain text, images, links, and pretty much anything else, all within a single unified format.

They can even be used securely thanks to certain security restrictions that you can apply, making the files uneditable. However, what happens when you are on the receiving end of a restricted PDF, file and you can’t edit it at all?

Plenty of users have been reporting that they have been receiving error messages when trying to open PDF documents, stating that:

This document restricts some Acrobat features

This error message usually appears when you open a document created by a designer that restricted the editing, commenting, Bates stamping, etc of the PDF file.

How can I remove document restrictions from Acrobat features?

Whenever you receive this error message, you should know that by default there are several things that you may not be able to do with the document. These vary depending on the restrictions applied by the creator:

  • You may not be able to copy the content of a document
  • Signing the document as your own may be forbidden
  • You cannot use the document as a template
  • Printing the document may be  prohibited
  • Document assembly may not be possible
  • Page extraction may not be allowed
  • Form filling may be disabled

Use third-party PDF unlockers

If you do not own a subscription to Acrobat Pro, you could try some third-party PDF unlockers. Using them varies from program to program, but the general consensus is that they are all easy-to-use.

They come in the form of a downloadable desktop client, as well as online services that you can access straight from your browser.

Here are some good examples of reliable PDF unlockers:

By following these steps, you should be able to edit a PDF file in however way you please.

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