Download & Install Opera Browser for Windows Vista 32/64 bit

It's time to get ready for a nice browsing experience

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  • There is no secret that Microsoft Windows Vista wasn’t as popular as Windows XP.
  • If you still use Windows Vista and are looking for a browser that can handle the tasks, we have the perfect suggestion. 
  • Learn how to download the appropriate version of the Opera browser for your Windows Vista PC.
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Microsoft Windows Vista was a fresh take on Windows XP. However, it wasn’t as popular as Windows XP. Microsoft ended its official support for Vista ended on April 2017.

However, there are users that use Windows Vista on their PC for reasons best known to them. Some of the features that could be the reason would be because Windows Vista was the first to introduce User Account Control. So, it is secured.

Second, application compatibility is not a problem, as it has Windows 7 at its base. Moreover, it works fine with older PCs.

If you still use Windows Vista and are looking for a browser that can handle the tasks well and give you a nice browsing experience, then you should check out the Opera browser.

In this guide, we will give you the steps that you can follow to download and install the Opera browser on Windows Vista. Let us get right into it.

Will Opera run on Windows Vista?

To answer this question, Yes. You can run the Opera browser on your Windows Vista PC with no issues. But you need to install the appropriate version in order to enjoy seamless browsing.

Specifically, Opera 36 is the last version of the browser that supports Windows Vista. Do note that you won’t get any new updates and features as this is the last version supported.

Besides, you will also be missing out on features that the new version of the Opera browser offers to people using Windows 10 or Windows 11.

There will be security and privacy concerns as well if you are using an old version of software on an old version of the Windows OS. If that does not concern you, then you can go ahead and check out the steps to download the Opera browser on Windows Vista.


Get your compatible version for Windows Vista and try a lightweight browser.

How do I download Opera on Windows Vista?

  1. Head to the official Opera browser website.
  2. Switch over to the Downloads section.
  3. Under Download Beta and Archived browsers section, locate Opera 36 for Windows XP/Vista.
  4. Expand the Opera 36 section by clicking on the Plus (+) button.
  5. Hit the Download the offline package button.

Following the above steps, you can download the supported version of the Opera browser on your Windows Vista PC.

The above steps will let you download the appropriate version of the Opera browser for your Windows Vista PC.

After downloading the package, you need to install it on your Windows Vista PC. In order to install the Opera browser, follow the next section.

How do I install Opera on Windows Vista?

  1. Open the location where you have downloaded Opera 36.
  2. Launch the program.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions.
  4. You can also click on the Options button, where you will find the following settings to tweak:
    • Select the language you wish to install
    • Choose for whom you want to install the browser
    • Change the installation path
    • Import bookmarks from the default browser
    • Share usage data to help improve Opera
  5. Afterward, the installation will begin.

Once the installation is complete, you will see the browser’s home page. That’s it! You can now start surfing the internet using the Opera browser.

What are some of the key features of Opera 36 for Windows Vista?

While you can now enjoy the Opera browser on your Windows Vista PC, let us check out some key features you can use on your Windows Vista PC with the Opera browser:

  • Comes with an in-built free VPN
  • Turbo function optimizes the traffic and increases the browsing speed
  • Adblocker lets you block all the ads and trackers
  • Has a built-in unit converter
  • Advanced bookmarking tool
  • In-built email and social media clients
  • The Snapshot tool lets you capture and edit snapshots of pages.
  • Customizable search bar

Although you can now run the Opera browser on your Windows Vista PC, we would advise you to upgrade your machine to the latest Windows 11 OS.

Windows 11 brings a fresh take to the Microsoft OS and also adds a bunch of new features, including new icons, themes, a centered Start menu, support for Android apps, widgets, and much more.

We have a dedicated guide that explains all the features of the Windows 11 OS, that will help you decide if you should upgrade to it or not.

Let us know in the comments below if you were able to download and install Opera 36 on your Windows Vista without any issues or not.

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