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Developed by Apple Inc, Safari is a high-performance and an easy to use web browser. Just as Internet Explorer is the default browser on Windows 10, Safari is the default browser for Max OS X and is now available for Windows users as well. Due to the ever-growing tech-fueled environment, the demand for easy-to-use web browsers has been on the rise.

From banking to commerce, to shopping online, users from all across the world are looking for secure and easy to use browsers for different purposes. Safari browser for Windows 10 has been optimized for usability, offering unique functions and tools that give it a competitive edge over other browsers in the market.

Building upon Apple’s reputation, Safari browser has managed to impress users with its unique features and a simple design. The browser is user-friendly and compatible with all devices from PCs to laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. Below find some of its distinctive features.

Features of Safari Browser

Safari browser is designed to enhance the browsing, not the browser. The browser frame is only a single pixel wide. Tabs are located at the top of the browser and open a wider window for viewing websites. By default, there is no status bar. Instead, Apple has placed a progress indicator that turns as your page loads. You can use the full History Search to search the site you are looking for with just a single keyword. Safari has been recognized as the world’s fastest browser and it takes no time at all to load. Other features include:

  • Privacy and Security – Safari is the only browser with the DuckDuckGo feature, a search engine with no built-in option to track you.
  • Faster than Chrome and Firefox – No other browser beats Safari in this department; it’s the fastest browser on the planet.
  • Longer battery life & better performance – Safari is built with energy saving technology and an incredibly fast JavaScript Engine.
  • Protection from harmful sites – Safari protects you from those fraudulent sites and others that harbor malware. It prevents these sites from loading and gives a warning if a site looks suspicious.
  • Pin sites – You can easily access your favorite sites like Facebook, Twitter, Webmail etc. by pinning them. They will stay active in the background.
  • AirPlay enabled – AirPlay allows you to play Video from a web page to your TV. Just click the AirPlay icon on compatible videos and watch them on the big screen.
  • Mute Tab – You can instantly mute audio without struggling to find the tab from which it’s coming from.

Innovative features like these ones show you how satisfying browsing on Safari can be. Safari also comes with a share button that allows you share anything you come across on the web.

Safari Vs. Firefox Vs. Chrome Browser Performance

With a minimalistic layout and a clutter free interface, Safari Browser runs smoothly on your Windows 10 PC and according to Apple, it outperforms other browsers in terms of speed and performance. See the test results below.

Safari Browser performance

How to Install Safari Browser on Windows 10

To download Safari on your Windows 10 PC, follow the steps below

  • Step 1: Head to Apple’s official website . Here you will also find other productive add-ons to install from the Safari extensions gallery.

Safari Browser web

  • Step 2: Choose the latest version and click on download. The download process is simple and straightforward.
  • Step 3: After you download Safari for Windows 10 using compressed file, extract the contents of the zipped installation file into a target folder, for example under “C:\Safari” folder as shown below.

safari browser installation

  • Step 4: After extraction of the zipped files is completed, double-click on Safari.exe to launch Safari Browser on your Windows 10. You can now enjoy fast and secure browsing on your new browser.

Safari Browser for Windows 10

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