How to download and install Safari on Windows 11

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  • You can download Safari on Windows 11 and run it, but the most recent versions aren’t compatible with the latest desktop platform.
  • To install Safari on Windows 11, you’ll need to download the setup wizard for version 5.1.7.
  • Safari 5.1.7 includes a novel Top Sites tab that displays thumbnail shortcuts for your most visited websites.
How to install (the old) Safari in Windows 11

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Safari is the default browser for all Apple devices. The big A claims its browser is the fastest in the world. Apple boasts Safari is 50 percent faster than Google Chrome, which is the browser most users enjoy on Windows desktops.

Aside from that, Apple claims Safari Browser is also more battery efficient than its primary rivals. Take a look at this Safari vs Opera article to see that by yourself.

Safari’s webpage says you can browse 30 minutes longer on laptops and mobile devices with this browser than Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

So, Safari is undoubtedly a strong alternative to the likes of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Many users would no doubt love to install and try out Safari on Windows 11 PCs. You can do just that, but there’s a bit of a catch.

Is the Safari Browser compatible with Windows 11?

Safari is only compatible with Windows 11 up to a point. Apple discontinued Windows support for its flagship browser back in 2012. Therefore, the big A hasn’t released a Safari Browser version you can utilize on Windows platforms for some time.

Yet, you can still take advantage of the most recent Safari Windows version on Microsoft’s latest desktop platform. Safari Browser 5.1.7 is an old version that runs just fine in Windows 11. As it’s not so recent, however, don’t expect it to be notably faster than Chrome and co.

Nevertheless, even that antiquated Safari Browser version incorporates some neat features you won’t find in Google Chrome. So, it’s still worth having a look at that browser. This is how you can download and install Safari in Windows 11.

How can I download and install Safari in Windows 11?

1. Download Safari

  1. Open the Safari download page.
  2. Click the Download button on that webpage.
  3. If your browser isn’t configured to automatically download to the user Downloads folder, you’ll need to select a directory to save the file in. Then press the Save button.

2. Install Safari in Windows 11

  1. When you’ve downloaded Safari’s setup wizard, click the File Explorer taskbar button.
    The File Explorer button download safari windows 11
  2. Open the folder you saved the downloaded installer to in File Explorer.
  3. Next, double-click SafariSetup.exe to open its window.
  4. Click Next to bring up the license agreement details.
  5. Select the I accept the terms radio button.
    The I accept the terms option download safari windows 11
  6. Then select the installation options shown directly according to preference. Note that Bonjour is not required for Safari.
    Installation options download safari windows 11
  7. Click the Change button to choose an alternative installation folder for Safari if you prefer. Alternatively, you can install the software at the default directory specified.
    Change button download safari windows 11
  8. Press the Install button, and click Yes on UAC prompts.
  9. When Safari has been installed, select the Open Safari after the installer exits checkbox.
    The Open Safari option download safari windows 11
  10. Select the Finish option.

What are the best features in Safari 5.1.7?

When you’ve got Safari up and running in Windows 11, you can discover some of its best features. Its standout feature is its Top Sites tab, which displays your most visited sites. Click the Show Top Sites button to view that tab.

Show Top Sites button download safari windows 11

To add a new site to that tab, click the Edit button. Then input the URL for the website you want to add there in the address bar, but don’t press Enter. Left-click the small globe icon on the left of the website’s address, and drag the URL onto a thumbnail on the Top Sites page.

Safari has a Reading List feature, which is like a secondary bookmarks sidebar for web pages. Click the Show Reading List button to open it. Then open a webpage to add to that sidebar, and click the Add page button.

Show Reading List button download safari windows 11

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Safari’s Bookmarks Bar also includes novel thumbnail previews for pages. To view it, click the Show all bookmarks option on the left side of the browser. Then click bookmarked pages to cycle through their thumbnail previews.

Show all bookmarks button download safari windows 11

You can also customize Safari’s URL toolbar. To do so, click the Display a menu button at the top right of the browser’s window. Then select Customize Toolbar to bring up the window in the snapshot you can see below:

The toolbar customization options download safari windows 11

With that window open, you can drag-and-drop buttons to and from the toolbar to customize it. Left-click buttons on that window to drag them onto the URL bar. You can also drag buttons already on the toolbar onto the window to remove them. Click Done to save changes.

You may even access blocked websites on Safari. The trick of changing Parental Control settings is ideal for Mac users.

Is there any way I can utilize the latest Safari versions in Windows 11?

The only way you can try out Apple software that’s not compatible with Windows 11 is to install virtualization software. Note that it enables you to utilize different operating systems in Windows. So, you can enjoy newer Safari versions for Mac platforms within virtualization software.

There are numerous virtualization software tools available for Windows platforms. VMware Workstation, VirtualBox, and Hyper-V are three decent virtualization packages you can utilize on Windows 11.

Our virtualization software guide provides further details about those virtual machine packages. Even though the guide talks about Windows 10 software, it works perfectly fine with the new OS as well.

Without virtualization software, however, you’ll have to settle for Safari 5.1.7 on Windows 11. It might be an old version, but it still includes good navigation options for web browsing nonetheless. Just don’t expect too much from an antiquated browser version that’s more than five years old.

Even more, if you happen to change your mind and choose to rollback from Windows 11 to Windows 10, note that you can download and install Safari Browser for Windows 10 too.

Overall, it’s quick and easy to install Safari in Windows 11, which has minimal system requirements. If you want to sample some Apple software on your Windows PC, then check out Safari 5.1.7.

Have you done that already? Tell us in the comments section below and let’s start a discussion.

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