Download & Install Waterfox Browser for Windows XP 32/64 bit

The process is easier than you're expecting, so don't postpone it

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  • Waterfox offers high speed and navigation that allow users to navigate different tabs and install additional extensions quickly.
  • It uses its own built search engine, allowing users to serve the web without restrictions.
  • Waterfox is one of the browsers that still support Flash.
download waterfox for windows xp 32 bit
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Waterfox is one of the best alternatives to traditional web browsers like Firefox and Chrome. It is free, multi-platform, and independent. Besides that, its security and privacy policies consume low RAM.

This open-source web browser was created using a popular and powerful engine. Its high speed and navigation allow users to quickly navigate different tabs and install additional extensions.

Waterfox uses its own built search engine, allowing users to serve the web without restrictions. It is the first 64-bit browser widely distributed all over the web to gain popularity very quickly.

Keep reading this post to learn how you can download Waterfox for Windows XP 32-bit.

Does Waterfox support Windows XP?

Yes, Waterfox Classic supports Windows XP. It is based on an older version of the Gecko platform that allows the development of XPCOM and XUL add-ons.

It is also open source allowing users to see and understand the benefits of being privacy-conscious. However, Waterfall has many unpatched security advisories, so users should use them at their own risk.

Is Waterfox better than Firefox?

Firefox is much more stable than Waterfox as it uses the latest HTML5. In addition, it supports more than 90 languages and offers great plugins and extension support.

Waterfox offers search boxes to add to the top of the main interface. It supports search engines including Bing, Google, DuckDuckGo, Qwant, etc. So, a Waterfox 32-bit download sounds perfect.

Quick Tip:

There is a particular version of the Opera browser designed for Windows XP computers. Try Opera 36 if you prefer to browse the web more quickly on a computer running Windows XP.

Some excellent features for older operating systems that you can enjoy free while browsing are the built-in VPN, add-blocker, and private window. Scroll down on the download page to find XP version.


Browse safely and smoothly in the dedicated version for Windows XP computers.

How do I download & install Waterfox Classic?

  1. Open your preferred browser and download Waterfox Classic.
  2. Select your operating system, and the file will start to download.
    Download waterfox
  3. Once the Waterfox download for PC is done, click on the file to install it.
    download waterfox for windows xp 32 bit
  4. Follow the on-screen steps to complete the installation.
    finish waterfox

You’ve now successfully installed Waterfox Classic on your Windows XP 32/64 bit. Keep in mind that Waterfox offers many features, and some of them are:

  • Offers users the possibility to choose – The browser focuses on influential users allowing the ability to make crucial decisions. No white plugin list exists so that you can use any extensions.
  • Zero telemetric and privacy-centric – Almost all browsers collect some data and track its uses. The data is occasionally sent to make changes and enhance the browsing experience. However, Waterfox doesn’t do it as it gives its user’s privacy importance.
  • Allows extensions from other browsers – In Waterfox, you can install extensions from different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. It’s a unique feature that no other browser offers.
  • Fast and reliable – As said by Waterfox’s developers, it offers more reliability than other browsers. It delivers maximum speed by keeping the user’s browsing sessions private.

Does Waterfox support Flash?

Flash or Adobe Flash Player is a software that allows streaming videos, audio, multimedia, etc., on a supported device. But it was not continued further due to multiple security issues.

Before being discontinued, the Flash Player was available for operating systems including Windows, macOS, Linux, etc. However, a Waterfox Flash plugin is free for download on modern-day web browsers.

To answer the question, Waterfox is one of the browsers that still support Flash. Browsers supporting the Flash Player run fine, but sometimes security issues may arise.

Several users complain about the fact that Flash is not working on Waterfox. Rest assured that our guide shows you what to do if that happens.

If you still have any issues, feel free to comment below. We’ll be eager to hear from you.

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