Drafting Software for Windows PC [2024 Updated List]

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Key notes

  • If you want to make great 3D blueprints, you need high-quality drafting software with advanced rendering capacities.
  • Try a tool from Adobe if you are keen on developing excellent product designs and more.
  • Don't miss out on apps with multiplatform support for professional animation. Check our guide.
  • We also included options for the best drafting software for beginners, that offer integrated simulations and tutorials.
Best best drafting software tools

Looking for the best drafting software to create flat, two-dimensional, or even three-dimensional models of physical components?

Stop searching since you’re definitely about to achieve your goal sooner than expected.

For the nostalgic, manual drafting has its charm nowadays. However, can you really afford to keep using it in your engineering and design plans?

Drafting software tools that are compatible with Windows 10 represent an effortless approach to take into consideration.

Architects, designers, and engineers have often concluded that using computer-aided design and drafting software programs helps them think outside the box.

This type of software allows professionals to get closer to how a design may perform in the real world.

If you like the sound of it, waste no more time and take a look at the following top choices for your business.

What’s the best drafting software for Windows 10?

Without any question, Illustrator is the 3D modeling program around for hardcore design professionals.

The software’s advanced drawing and visualization production capabilities make it incredibly easy to model and analyze complex structures.

There are a few advanced features you’ll be interested in, the best is the 3D and 2D rendering of images. The full potential of regular CAD programs isn’t for everyone.

So, you’ll be pleased to find out that for the most part, Adobe Illustrator keeps complexity to an absolute minimum as compared to those programs.

This doesn’t mean that you’re not getting advanced rendering and animation capabilities to better visualize product design.

Some other robust, powerful features that will please all experts include:

  • Lighting, shading, and other properties to control the appearance of 3D objects
  • Generous file type support and collection of templates
  • Intuitive Touch Type feature
  • Accessible troubleshooting when saving files
  • Creative Cloud membership plans for individuals, institutions, and businesses
  • Detailed guidance in the form of tutorials that provide basics and help you inspire (access the Home and Learn tab to find them)
Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

Take your creativity to the next level with this excellent tool that helps you create professional images!
Free trialVisit website

Corel Draw

Traditional drafting software is fairly complex and not that productive any longer. Corel Draw steps in to help you forget all about manual drafting.

In fact, it isn’t at all difficult to make the transition when you can design on virtually any device you may use.

2D designs are turned into three-dimensional graphics in just a few clicks, while the.STL support for 3D printers assures that all your visions materialize quickly.

On top of that, if you want time-saving collaboration and project-sharing features for flawless communication with your team members, you can’t go wrong with Corel Draw.

Some of the key features that provide a simplified CAD experience include:

  • Enhanced 2D drafting functionality
  • PolySolid 3D solid editing and modeling tools
  • Advanced OffsetEdges to make 2D entities from 3D solid or surface boundary
  • .DWG file format support
  • Enhanced Custom Blocks saved as separate drawings with a specified name


Create outstanding 3D graphics and upgrade your editing experience with a high-quality tool!
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Autodesk Fusion 360

Autodesk Fusion 360 empowers educators and students in training themselves for the era of innovation. It is the first 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE solution, which connects every comprehensive process of designing to one virtualized platform. The software is a way for you to materialize your ideas.

It provides a free online trial with several videos based on level of skills so you can give it a shot and see how it works for you.

Fusion 360 can be downloaded as a desktop or laptop software or as a Chrome plugin for both Mac and Windows.

Drafting components are necessary for manufacturing techniques that utilize a mold, such as cast parts, injection molded parts, and thermoformed parts.

That is why it is critical to be able to not only update draft angles but also to verify when draft angles are insufficient or missing entirely. Fusion 360 does it all for you.

Some of the essential elements of Fusion 360 include:

  • Connect with people from all backgrounds of expertise, from students to specialists. 
  • Discover more about 3D printing and industrialization in the long term.
  • Participate in a variety of projects and gain real-world experience.
  • Select Draft Sides for your project: One Side: Apply draft to one side. Two Side: Apply draft to two sides at different angles. Symmetric: Apply draft to two sides at the same angle.

Start with Autodesk Fusion 360 if you’re a beginner doing it for fun or professional development. It is free for students and teachers. It supports all CAD, CAM, and CAE functions and is extremely simple to use.

Autodesk Fusion 360

Autodesk Fusion 360

Another Autodesk product with a complete package for 2D and 3D designs, engineering, architecting, and drafting.
Free trialVisit website


OpenSCAD solid 3D CAD objects

OpenSCAD is another great drafting software for PC that you may use for creating solid 3D CAD objects.

Thanks to its modeling techniques such as constructive solid geometry and extrusion of 2D outline, this tool is developed expressly for coders/programmers.

Do note that, unlike similar programs, it is not focused on the artistic aspects of 3D modeling, but on the CAD aspects.

This might sound like music to your years, but do note that it is completely based on description language. Therefore, the program will not be intuitive for all eager users.

Key features here included:

  • Precise designs in configurable parameters
  • 2D paths for extrusion
  • Ability to read design parameters from DXF file
  • Read and create 3D models in both STL and OFF file formats

Get OpenSCAD


FreeCAD intuitive virtual designing solution

Another intuitive virtual designing solution is FreeCAD.  This tool enables you to design real-life objects of any size, sketch geometry constrained 2D shapes, and use them as a base to build other objects.

However, it is quite a simplistic program. The parametric component makes editing work like a breeze and you can go to your model’s history and change the parameters at any time.

While recommended for product design, mechanical engineering, and architecture, this clearly has limitations for some designs. It is aimed mostly at people who lack experience with 3D modeling.

Thanks to its user-friendly characteristics we recommend this tool as being the best drafting software for beginners.

Key features:

  • Advances tools to adjust dimensions or extract design details from 3D models
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Modern Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools
  • Experimental CFD, BIM
  • Robot simulation module to study robot movements

Get FreeCAD


Blender great drafting software

Blender is a great drafting software suitable for a wide range of domains. You may use it to create all sorts of 3D designs, from electronic projects to digital art.

If you’re looking for the best drafting software for architects, this program makes a great choice, mainly thanks to features that allow you to develop 3D geometrical drawings.

Animators, game developers have full access to modeling, rigging, rendering, compositing, and motion tracking.

The list further extends to creating simulations and animations, video editing, and game creation. You may enjoy this rich sculpting toolset, yet you need to be experienced with 3D modeling.

Key features:

  • Blender’s API for Python scripting is ideal to customize the application
  • You may write specialized tools
  • Enjoy polygonal modeling techniques
  • Multiplatform support (Linux, Windows, and Macintosh computers)
  • Large community, offering a lot of tutorials

Get Blender

If you’ve been a while in a growing industry that relies a lot on drafting software tools, you probably already know that making a choice can be quite difficult.

Take your time to compare features and let us know your decision by using the comments section below.

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