Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 issues: screen flickering, audio bugs and more

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The wait is finally over. The highly anticipated fighting game, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 has come to Xbox One and Windows PC. The game is now available worldwide, and offers some enhanced features, better graphics, and more.

Unfortunately, not everyone has been able to enjoy the new game from day one. Steam’s support forums are actually flooded with various complaints about the game. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at what bothers Dragon Ball Xenovers 2 gamers, and if there’s a way to solve any of these issues.

The issues listed below have been mainly reported by Windows PC users. It appears that Xbox One owners are luckier since they haven’t reported major Dragon Ball Xenovers 2 issues.

Dragon Ball Xenovers 2 reported issues

1. Many people can’t open the game. In most cases the problem is GPU-related, so users facing these issues should double-check if their cards actually support the game. Here’s how one user describes the issue:

So the game doesn’t work now for me … it says that i shoud have shader 5.0 or higher even though i got directx 11.1 .. this is such bs

When it comes to this issue specifically, other users of the forum realized that the gamer who reported this flaw is actually using a graphics card that doesn’t support DirectX 11.

So, in order to avoid this mistake, make sure your hardware is fully compatible with the game, and also check if the latest drivers are installed. We recommend this third-party tool to automatically download all the outdated drivers on your PC.

Get Outbyte Driver Updater

2. It looks like that even those who have been able to run the game have some graphics problems of their own. Namely, one user reports on the Steam forums that he has a problem with constant screen flickering:

Is anyone having problems with the flickering, my eyes are hurt a lot, this is getting really annoying….

The solution for this problem seems to be the same as for the previous flaw. Just make sure you’re using the right graphics card, update your video drivers, and lower some in-game video settings.

3. Next, it appears that a surprisingly significant number of users are having problems with audio in Dragon Ball Xenovers 2. Here’s what one gamer said on the Steam:

For some reason, i’m having issues with basic cutscenes, and whenever mid-fight when the characters speak.
The audio is horrendiously low. and I’ve checked my system, the game is on max volume, the audio settings are on max in game, SFX and music are perfectly fine […]
but the actual conversations are so low i can’t hear a thing, even when trying to mute the music and SFX
is anyone else having this problem? cause its making it where i can’t enjoy the story properly since i do like the english voices of the character, if i wanted to play a mute game, i’d play Dragonball Online again.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a solution for the sound issue in Dragon Ball Xenovers 2. So, if you know what’s going on, please list the troubleshooting steps in the comment section below:

4. Users are also reporting problems related to the game’s features, like the Elder Kai knock em down challenge:

This elder kai challenge is bugged, The camrea goes all strange and when imputting the buttons it does not work, The animation for the final hit 9/10 does not hit, Even the AI messed up, I was laughing lol, He recovers well to fast and i even tested it by inputing the buttons very fast aswell, Didnt work, I have tried this so many times i raged and done something else.

Nobody knows how to fix this problem. For now, the only logical way to fix this seems to be through an update, if the developers decide to release it. So, if you’ve encountered problems with he Elder Kai knock em down challenge, just wait a few days, and the update may come.

5. It looks like the game is causing a real mess on international level. Namely, people from all over the world report that they’re unable to change the default language of the game. Gamers report that this option is simply missing from settings in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2:

Why is it in japnese and no option to change it srsly is that happinging now ?

This is probably just an early game bug, and the developers should fix it soon. So, if you’re unable to change your default language in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, just wait for a little bit longer, the hotfix may already be on its way.

6. Speaking of updates, the game developers finally released an update for the Goku Black & Future Trunks issues. So, if you’re experiencing issues with this feature, just head over to your Steam client, download the latest updates, and all the bugs should be fixed.

The bug is being fixed with the new patch update! Please restart your Steam client (this may not be immediate, so try again in a few minutes) and download the patch: this should fix the issue!

This sums up our round-up article about the potential problems users may encounter while playing the new Dragon Ball Xenovers 2. If you’ve encountered other bugs that we didn’t mention in this article, use the comment section below to tell more about your experience.


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