Titanfall 2 issues: game won't load or crashes, map bugs and more

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Titanfall 2 is now available on Xbox One and Windows PC. This first-person shooter further explors the unique bond between Pilot and Titan, and brings six new Titans, expanded Pilot abilities, and a more robust customization and progression system.

Titanfall 2 is an impressive game that will literally have you glued to your screen. Unfortunately, some players cannot fully enjoy this game due to various issues that limit the gaming experience.

Titanfall 2 issues on Xbox One and Windows PCs

Titanfall 2 loads forever

Many gamers report that they can’t play Titanfall 2 due to infinite loading of “Data center: searching”. Players all over the world are affected by this bug, so this is not a region-specific problem.

Fortunately, there is a workaround available, but taking into account gamers’ reports, the fix doesn’t actually work for everybody.

Okay so I went to control panel > network and internet > network connections. From there I only had ethernet and Wi-Fi. Right clicking on Ethernet and hitting disable and then launching titanfall 2 fixed the issue, I was placed into the sydney data centre within about 10 seconds.
This fix will only work if you are using wifi, if you are using ethernet try disabling any other adapters that come up.

Grouping with friends on Xbox One fails

This issue has been around since the beta version of Titanfall 2. The friend list on Xbox One has the join/invite option grayed out which prevents gamers from playing together. Gamers tried to create a network and joined up through that, but they are rarely put into the same game. They end up in different matches or one of them gets into a game and the other doesn’t.

Same here. All my friends have this issue. I am surprised that this was not fix. Definitely a game killer issue.

Titanfall crashes with Engine error

Gamers report that after around 10 minutes of playing multiplayer, Titanfall 2 crashes and the error message “Engine error” appears on the screen.

titanfall 2 engine error

Although this error is specific to DirectX drivers and overclocked systems, gamers who haven’t overclocked their computers are also affected. It appears that underclocking the graphics card fixes this issue.

The screen goes black

Titanfall 2  players also report that the screen becomes black immediately after they open the game, although their computers meet the system requirements for running the game. No workaround is available yet for this bug.

Windows 10 restarts while embarking the Titan

Windows 10 PCs unexpectedly restart after about 5-10 minutes of gameplay. Gamers report this usually happens when embarking the Titan. Despite lowering all the setting to mid-low, switching off all background applications while playing, nothing seems to work. For the time being, no workaround is available to fix this bug.

Players fall through the map

This is definitely not a nice situation. Gamers report this bug occurs primarily on Xbox One and prevents them from doing anything. The only action they can actually perform is pausing the game.

I “spawned as a titan” in Attrition on Xbox One, and it almost sounded like I was crushed, I never actually saw the inside of my Titan, but it was like I was under the map. I could access the pause menu, but there was no option to respawn […].

Another player shares his experience, but in his case, he lands outside the building: “The same bug that existed in the Titanfall 2 Pre-Alpha Tech Test can also be found in Titanfall 2 v2.0.0.5. Now instead of falling through the floor into the building, you fall through the floor just outside the building. The map is Forwardbase Kodai.”

High ping

Titanfall 2 apparently causes high ping issues. Gamers report that they usually reach 60ms in lobby, while the numbers go as high as 170-200ms when playing the game. This happens when using wired connections and with different Internet providers as well. Respawn Entertainment replied to this forum thread, asking for more information, but couldn’t provide gamers with an actual fix.

These are the most frequent issues reported by Titanfall 2 players on the game’s official forum. In you’ve encountered other issues, go to the Titanfall 2 forum and let the developers know about it.