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  • Drawing in a PDF document without the stress of having to download a third-party program is something desired by many.
  • In this article, we're offering you the best online PDF editors that provide you with excellent drawing features.
  • We've included entries from popular developers such as Adobe, as well as lesser-known ones.
  • The entries were selected based on features, price, and how accessible they are.
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The characteristics of a PDF file are known to be quite versatile, from writing and editing to printing or sharing, it’s understandable why this type of document is prefered by many users.

Many have also wondered whether it’s possible to draw on a PDF online, and the truth is that the fastest way to do that is with the help of a specialized software that you don’t even need to download.

In this article we’re going to give the best tool recommendations that you can use for drawing on a PDF document.

How do I easily draw on a PDF file?

Adobe Acrobat Reader

When it comes to editing or simply dealing with PDF files of any kind, Adobe Acrobat Reader is probably the most resounding name in terms of software choices, and for good reason.

The program is available in multiple versions, from more lightweight to more feature-rich, and they all allow editing of PDF files to a lesser or greater detail, including the inclusion of drawings.

Even if you’re not satisfied with what Adobe Acrobat Reader has to offer, you can still use it to turn the PDF into an image file, draw it using professional drawing software, and convert it back to PDF for later editing.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat

Edit your PDF files in whatever manner you see fit with the help of this amazing editor from Adobe.
Free trialVisit website

This smart tool makes editing a PDF easier by allowing you to customize elements like watermarks, images, texts, logos or imprint stamps. It is also great if you want to draw on that particular document.

With this software you can benefit from various drawing tools for PDF files that include the pencil feature or the possibility to add shapes such as rectangles, oval, polygon, cloud, arrow and more.

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  • High-Quality PDF Reader for converting a variety of format files into PDFs
  • Excellent security mechanism
  • Mac and Windows compatibility



An online app that allows you to edit text and draw in your PDF file without having to download any third party software, is exactly what you need if you want to get the job done quickly.

You can secure your PDF files with htaccess through a SSL connection. If you want even more privacy you can remove any tracks of your document by deleting it from the cloud.

  • Compatible with any operating system
  • PDF Merger and Editor for GDrive
  • User-friendly, edit documents with just one click

Get PDFzorro

Small PDF

With this online editor you can draw in PDF, but also compress and convert documents. Every action you perform is completely secured thanks to state-of-the-art SSL encryption that protects your data.

This great tool gives you the possibility to edit your PDF documents effortlessly and is also suited for professionals or entrepreneurs.

Make a variety of changes to your file by adding annotations, circling certain part of the text or by adding pointers. This tool works with every type of device whether is an android, tablet, or a laptop, all you need to do is use your stylus, mouse or finger to start drawing in your PDF file.

  • Compatible with any platform
  • No installation or registration is necessary
  • Excellent data security

Get Small PDF

Chrome PDF

A complex online editing tool for Adobe Acrobat Reader Pro files that comes with a friendly interface which will make your job much faster and easier. All you have to is access the site, upload your PDF file and start drawing in your PDF document selecting an editing feature from the sidebar.

You can create a variety of shapes such as circles and rectangles or you can choose to use the pencil feature for more freedom. If you want to make slight alterations to your work, simply use the modify feature to change the position, color, or linewidth.

  • Completely free online pdf editor
  • Compatibility with every system platform, including Windows, MAC and Linux
  • As efficient as a third party software without taking up space

Get ChromePDF

PDF filler

This is definitely a perfect tool that you should definitely try whenever you need to draw in your PDF file online. All you have to do is access the site and upload your document, in no time you’ll be able to edit your PDF document and draw anything you’d like to.

Besides the pencil feature, you can draw perfectly straight lines or other geometric shapes thanks to its versatile functionalities. With this tool, you can edit your PDF fast without wasting precious time on downloading third party software.

  • Cloud capacity of up to 25 MB
  • Compatible with any system platform
  • Request document via email feature

Get PDF filler

As you can see there are various tools that you can use to edit and especially draw in a PDF document and we presented you with the best options available.

They also come with other useful perks such as powerful security features and conversion abilities.

We want to hear more from you on this subject so feel free to share your thought with us in the comment section below.

  • How do I make my PDF editable?

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  • How do I change an editable PDF to a non editable PDF?

Restrict access to your PDF files by using some of the greatest security softwares of the moment.

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