Best Drone Photo Editing Software: Top 5 Picks for 2024

The list covers both advanced and beginner-friendly editing software with great potential

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Key notes

  • Aerial photos usually need a bit of correction so if you want to bring them the finishing touch, you need drone photo editing software.
  • You'll see distinctive features such as AI-powered automated adjustments, clarity support with pixel increase, and more.
What are the best photo editing software for your drone captures

Choosing the best photo editor is already hard enough and it can become even more difficult if you find it difficult knowing how to maximize its features in order to get the best result.

Depending on the kinds of edits you want to perform, there are several editing software for drone captures you can choose from.

How do I choose the best photo editor to enhance drone photos?

Basically, the photos you take with the drone are aerial shots that will capture landscape images while constantly moving.

Although drones nowadays have advanced systems of countering movement effects, you will have to be ready with some tools to correct those effects, the difference in lighting, and more.

So, you will need a photo editor that can handle all those aspects and that’s why the first product on our list is a dedicated landscape editor.

You will also need features like sky and light changing, object removal, or even adding some atmospheric effects for a dramatic twist, why not?

In this article, we will explore the different photo editing software options you have with the best functionalities and specialties.

How do I edit pictures taken with a drone?

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop could not be excluded from our list since it has some nice tools and features available for anyone to use, regardless of their skill level.

With this software, you can edit your drone photos beautifully, create HDR images, panoramas and also edit your images as needed.

Of course, adding colors, removing elements from the pictures, adjusting the balance, and shades of the gradient is also a must-have and are included in this software’s tool.

Adobe Photoshop can also be of great use when you’re not sure about your final images. It has multiple undo that allow you to go back and forth and change things up.

For quick results, Adobe Photoshop also provides an extensive Filter Gallery that allows you to add different types of artistic effects to your pictures.

If you are passionate about creating collages or combining photos in a single image, then you will love how this tool allows you to play with them in creating the perfect one.

Other key features of Adobe Photoshop include:

  • Support for object removal
  • Extensive Adobe Fonts set
  • Brush stroke filters
  • Portait retouch features 

Adobe Photoshop is a subscription-based software that charges monthly. The subscription package includes access to the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe Photoshop

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Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom, as you already know, is yet another great drone editing software that will enhance your photos in quality.

It comes with various tools and performance features such as image management that allows you to edit the pictures and organize them afterward easily.

Thankfully though, Adobe Lightroom has a nice, intuitive interface, which makes it easy to use even if you are a beginner.

Save all the images and the edit you made in the Adobe Cloud and then access them from everywhere in the world.

Lightroom can also help you save time by allowing you to save and store presets. When you are done editing your project, you can opt to save its particular adjustments for further use.

Moreover, the software also has a Lightroom CC app for Android and iOS which is perfect in case you want to quickly correct any of your social media pictures.

Adobe Lightroom is a subscription-based service but it’s available as a trial version for 30 days.

Other key features of Adobe Lightroom include:

  • RAW file editor
  • AI powered pixel increase for enhanced clarity
  • Collaborative editing with support
  • Integrated tutorials

Adobe Lightroom

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inPixio Eclipse HDR

inPixio’s Eclipse HDR has the necessary tools to enhance pretty much any image and bring it to its full potential. It automatically detects what adjustments your shot needs and fine-tunes it within minutes.

We tend to associate fast results with some sort of compromise on the quality, but it really is not the case with Eclipse HDR. Its features help you alter professional-level shots.

However, if you are not a big fan of automatic features, the software is fully equipped to allow you to edit every detail of your shots manually.

Some drone photographs may lack essential aspects such as alignment, clarity, or color. This software can take care of all these issues and elevate your work. Eclipse HDR can use just one image to create full HDR effects.

On the topic of fast and easy results, you also must know that inPixio Eclipse HDR also has a set of over 40 HDR presets. These have particular settings for different types of photographs and can help you create both highly realistic and artistic, experimental shots.

inPixio Eclipse HDR does offer support for regular HDR editing as well. It has advanced merging features that can help you combine multiple shots of the same scene for clear and detailed final pictures.

HDR Relight is another great feature of this software that detects the lightning sources in your shot and suggests the optimal adjustments.

Good lighting can really transform a mediocre shot into a beautiful piece of work. Eclipse HDR is a licensed product compatible with Windows PCs.

Other key features of Eclipse HDR include

  • Image alignment
  • Advanced tone mapping
  • Batch processing
  • Noise reduction
  • RAW photo processing module for over 600 cameras

inPixio Eclipse HDR

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The newest project developed by Skylum comes in the form of Luminar. This software is simple and intuitive to use, but it also offers a new idea of how you can use Artificial Intelligence.

Luminar is an excellent choice for enhancing drone photos quickly and easily, making it the perfect software if you are a beginner.

This software is not specifically created for drone photographs, but it’s an excellent all-purpose editor that comes with extensive features.

For instance, it can detect what adjustments are necessary and automatically apply them. It takes care of color reveal, haze removal, and more. 

Don’t worry though, you will not feel disappointed if you are an advanced user either. This is licensed-based software, but it’s available for a free trial. It can be used both on Windows and macOS devices.

Other key features of Luminar include:

  • Integrated presets
  • Batch processing support
  • Multiple format support
  • Artificial Intelligence integration


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Corel PaintShop Pro

If none of the above recommendations is the right one for you, then Corel PaintShop Pro will definitely make you want to give it a try.

This photo editing software is also offering a multitude of useful features, such as selection, removal, adding text, and creative filters.

From its repertoire are not missing the adjustment tools such as Brightness and Contrast, Fill Light and Clarity, Fade Correction, White Balance, Hue Saturation, and many, many more.

In case there are correction distensions to fix, then the Refine Brush along with the Lens Correction tools will help you bring the photo to the desired quality.

The software also has HDR-specific features that help you merge and correct pictures for beautiful final products.

Similar to Adobe Lightroom, Corel Paintshop Pro allows you to save your preferred settings for later use. This feature is found under the name of Scripts within the UI. It helps you save time by automating frequent editing steps. 

Corel Painter can be used on Windows 10 PCs. It is a subscription-based software, and it’s available as a free trial for 30 days.

Other key features of Corel Paintshop Pro include:

  • 360° picture support
  • RAW file support
  • Advanced picture masking
  • Built-in templates 

Corel PaintShop Pro

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Ashampoo Snap 12

We’ve now come to the last recommendation from our list of suggestions, and this is definitely not a program to miss.

Ashampoo Snap 12 is a fast and flexible software that makes your dream photo become reality without having to work endlessly.

It is primarily screenshotting software, but it comes with surprisingly great photo editing modules as well.

You can add effects, transitions, and sounds to your images and make them really impressive for anyone who will see them.

Your photos can reach perfection, at a click of a button with the adjusted colors, contrasts, and exposure settings incorporated in the software.

Ashampoo is also great for collaborative work. It allows you to share your work and communicate with your peers with a comments feature.

The software supports different resolutions and even allows mixed full HD and 4k environments. 

Other key features of Ashampoo Snap 12 include:

  • GIF creation tools
  • Video editing tools
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Advanced screenshot tools

Ashampoo Snap is a licensed product with a free trial version.

Ashampoo Snap 12

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You will probably get some amazing landscape shots with your drone but editing them can be a long process. Not if you choose an intelligent tool like LandscapePro.

It’s dedicated software for landscape editing that comes with intelligent controls that will adapt to your photo and get dramatic results.

With its AI-powered selection tools, it’s easy to label all the features and objects from the picture and the app will outline them.

LandscapePro has a built-in library with hundreds of sky options to change the one from your photo in seconds.

You need to add some atmospheric effects like rain, fog, lens flare, just to mention a few? With this photo editing software, they’re just a click away, and they look natural too.

And if you’re not a pro editor, there are specialized presets available that you can use to enhance your photos quickly, without any special training.

LandscapePro has a free trial version so you will be able to test all its features before committing to purchase the full version.

Take a look at some of its most important features:

  • AI-powered selection tools
  • Unique editing controls that adapt to your images
  • Easy-to-use slider interface
  • Brighten, recolor or replace skies
  • Add weather, overlays and logos
  • Lighting controls that respond to features in your landscape
  • Perfect for experts and beginners alike


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As you can see there is great photo editing software that will make your drone photos look amazing, just the way you intend them to be.

We hope that one of our editing software recommendations will help you create stunning images, for everyone to enjoy.

We’d love to hear from you, in the comments section below, if you have additional suggestions and recommendations.

If you are interested in learning more about photography tools, make sure to check our list including the best photo editors for PC.

For suggestions of other tools that worked for you, let us know about them in the comments section below and if they prove worthy, we will include them.

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