Dual boot Windows 10 and Linux issues: Here’s a quick fix

by Vladimir Popescu
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A large number of users that use Linux and Windows 10 in a dual-boot mode have reported that for some reason, they don’t see the menu to choose which OS should the PC boot into. They report that the computer automatically boots to Windows.

This issue can be extremely frustrating considering that the main reason for people installing a dual-boot system is to be able to quickly and effortlessly change their OS.

This issue can have even more of an impact if you set up your dual-boot session in order to run OS-specific apps inside Linux.

For these reasons, in today’s article, we will explore the best way to solve this issue once and for all. Please follow the steps presented here in the order that they were written to avoid any unnecessary complications.

Note: In order to fix this issue, we will have to dive into the boot settings of your PC. To avoid any additional ‘road-blocks’, it is recommended that you create a restore point

How can I fix Windows 10 and Linux dual boot problems?

Run bcdedit command in PowerShell

PC on desk with user - Fix dual boot windows 10 and linux

  1. Press Win+X keys on your keyboard -> select PowerShell (Admin).
  2. Copy-paste the following command: bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path  EFIubuntugrubx64.efi .
  3. Wait for the process to complete, and then restart your computer. This method should have solved your problem.

If the method above didn’t help you solve your issue, you can simply reverse it by following step 1 mentioned above, and running the command: bcdedit /deletevalue {bootmgr} path EFIubuntugrubx64.efi.

Dual boot not working with Windows 10 and Ubuntu? Fix it now with this guide!

Follow these steps if you can’t boot into Windows 10

can't boot windows fix dual boot windows 10 and linux

In the case that you can’t boot into Windows 10 after the restart process, follow these steps:

  1. Insert a Windows installation disk to your PC to get access to the Command Prompt window.
  2. Inside the Command Prompt window -> type in the following command: bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path EFIMicrosoftBootbootmgfw.efi -> press Enter to run it.

In today’s article, we explored the best way to fix the dual boot Windows 10 and Linux issues causing your PC to boot by default in Windows.

We hope this guide helped you solve your boot issue. Please feel free to let us know if it did by using the comment section found below.

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