Top 6 dual-pane file managers for Windows 10

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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dual-pane file managers

File Explorer is a decent file manager, but many users prefer using dual-pane file managers. These types of file managers have their advantages, and many of them offer some advanced features that File Explorer lacks. Since these applications can be so useful, today we’re going to show you several great dual-pane file managers for Windows 10.


What is the best dual-pane file manager for Windows 10?



WinNc is another dual-pane file manager for Windows 10. The application has a tabbed interface allowing you to open multiple directories. Using this tool, you can perform basic tasks such as copying, moving or deleting, but you can also compress or uncompress files and create links.

The application also supports some advanced options such as disc burning and it can even create ISO files. In addition, you can also convert audio or create self-extracting .exe files from .zip archives.

WinNc uses different colors for different actions, so you can easily distinguish files that are being copied or moved. In addition, you can queue your actions and perform multiple tasks with ease. There’s also a built-in file viewer, slideshow viewer, and multimedia player so you can preview your files with ease.

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This file manager has a Quick Access feature that lets you open frequently accessed folders with ease. To do that, you just need to enter the folder name in the Quick Access box.

If needed, you can also add certain folders to favorites so you can access them in a matter of seconds. We also have to mention this tool has FTP file support, so you can easily upload or download files from a web server.

WinNc offers a great user interface and a wide array of features. The application is available for free, but it comes with a nag screen that will appear every time you start the application.

Download WinNc Commander


AB Commander

Another great dual-pane file manager that we want to show you is AB Commander. The application offers support for tabs, so you can switch easily between several open directories. It also supports all standard file management options while offering some advanced features like a built-in image viewer as well as a text editor.

Speaking of images, you can change their resolution or rotate them. We have to mention that there’s also support for file splitting and folder synchronization.

Each pane has a folder tree so you can easily navigate through your directories. Speaking of navigation, the application has history and favorites lists,  allowing you to easily access your favorite folders. Using this tool, you can rename multiple files simultaneously, which can be rather useful.

There’s also support for filters to view an only specific type of files along with a useful search feature that allows you to search text files for a specific string.

AB Commander is a great file manager for Windows, but unfortunately, it’s not free. The application is available for a free trial, but if you want to continue using it, you need to purchase a license.

Download AB Commander


One Commander

Another useful dual-pane file manager is One Commander. The application has a modern design, so it looks visually appealing and supports two different themes which you can easily switch between. Users can use the column view if you prefer the dual-pane vie along with tab support tabs so you can work with multiple folders easily.

The application has an address bar that shows you all available subfolders and works similarly to a folder tree, a great feature since it allows you to navigate to any folder with ease.

Although this feature is useful, it might take some users a while to get used to it. Fortunately, you can minimize the address bar and it will work like a standard address bar in File Explorer.

The application has a useful history panel in the right pane, so you can easily access any previously visited folder. Of course, you can also create a list of favorite directories and access them with a single click.

All standard file management features are available and there’s also a search feature as well as a Droplist feature that you can use to store files.

The application has a built-in preview for audio, video and text files, so you can preview them without using a third-party application.

One Commander offers a unique design, and even its context dialogs have a distinctive look. This is a solid file manager software, but we have to mention that it has a high memory usage compared to our previous entries.

Despite this flaw, this is a solid file manager with a unique design. The application is completely free, and there’s even a portable version available. If you prefer using Universal apps, we’re happy to inform you that One Commander is also available on Microsoft Store.

Download One Commander File Manager


Total Commander

Probably one of the most popular file managers for Windows is Total Commander. This is another dual-pane file manager, and like most entries on our list, it fully supports tabs.

The application supports drag and drop method, so you can easily use both File Explorer and Total Commander simultaneously. If you’re an advanced user, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s a built-in command line that you can use to start programs with different parameters.

The application has a built-in file viewer so you can view any file in hex, binary or text format. There’s also a Bitmap viewer as well as an HTML viewer. You can switch between several different views and show thumbnails if needed. It’s worth mentioning that Total Commander supports multi-rename so you can easily rename several files at once.

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All standard file manager features are there and you can easily move, copy or delete your files. Total Commander also allows you to compare files by content and there’s even support for folder synchronization. Another great feature is the ability to split or to combine big files.

Of course, you can also search your PC for duplicate files right from Total Commander. In addition, you can show or select files that match a certain pattern or have a specific size or content. To find a specific file faster, there’s an enhanced search feature that can search multiple drives and archives with ease. This feature can also search through the contents of text files and display files that meet the search criteria.

Total Commander offers native support for archives so you can easily view and extract files. As for supported formats, the application supports ZIP, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, CAB, RAR and ACE formats.

If you want to add support for more file formats, you can do that using various plug-ins. Another feature that will be useful to web developers is the built-in FTP client. Since Total Commander can work as an FTP client, you won’t have to rely on third-party clients anymore.

Total Commander is an amazing file manager, and with the wide range of available features, it will be perfect for both basic and advanced users. Trial version is available for download, but if you want to continue using this application, you’ll need to purchase a license.

Download Total Commander


Free Commander

Another great file manager that we have to mention is the Free Commander. The application allows you to choose between dual-pane or single-pane view and there’s also support for tabs. In addition, you can also show a folder tree for each pane and use it to navigate to the desired directory with ease.

The application also has a built-in file viewer so you can easily view images or any other file in hex, binary or text format. We have to mention that Free Commander works with ZIP archives, and you can easily view files and images inside an archive. If you want to work with other types of archives, you can do that via various plug-ins.

The application offers a powerful search engine, and you can use it to search through folders and archives alike. The application allows you to create and verify MD5 checksums, and there’s even a multi rename tool available.

Free Commander also has the ability to wipe files, so you can permanently delete files using this tool. We also have to mention that the tool supports folder comparison and folder synchronization. Speaking of folders, you can also calculate folder size and see which directories take the most space right from this tool.

You can also split large files right from this tool in order to share them more easily.

The application allows you to create folder and program favorites thus allowing you to access them quickly with a single click. In order to show specific files quickly, the application has support for file filters and you can also use regular expressions along with them.

There’s also a quick file viewer as well as a quick search that allows you to find specific files with ease. If you’re an advanced user that prefers using the command line, you’ll be pleased to hear that DOS command line is also available.

Free Commander offers friendly and visually appealing user interface, and with a wide range of features, it’s perfect for every advanced user. The application is completely free, so there’s no reason not to try it.

Download Free Commander



If you’re looking for a free file manager, we have to recommend FileVoyager. This is a dual-pane file manager with a tabbed interface so you can easily open multiple directories. The application allows you to browse disks, folders, and archives, and there’s also an FTP feature available. All standard file management options are available and you can access them with a single click.

The application can work with various file archives, but it can also play both audio and video files. We have to mention that FileVoyager requires codecs to do that, so be sure to install them.

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As for additional features, the application allows you to compare files and folders, and there’s also a folder synchronization feature. Each pane can be turned into a preview pane and you can preview a wide range of files including audio, video, images, and ebooks.

Preview pane supports syntax highlighting, which can be rather useful to programmers. It’s worth mentioning that the application has a file viewer feature, so you can preview your files in text, binary or hex format.

The application has a Ribbon toolbar on the top, and thanks to the breadcrumbs navigation you can easily open any directory. FileVoyager is a great file manager, and don’t shy away you trying this application. The application is completely free, so there’s no reason not to try it.

Download FileVoyager

If you’re looking for a file manager that offers more features than File Explorer, we suggest that you try any of the tools from our list. Many file managers on our list are completely free, so feel free to try them.