Revamped Edge add-ons site lets you find extensions faster  

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Microsoft has redesigned the Edge extensions website.
  • The new Edge add-ons site offers an improved UX that lets you quickly discover extensions that suit your browsing needs.
  • Browser extensions let you personalize your browsing experience each day. Reach for the Extensions section to learn more. 
  • As for the Chromium-based browser, the Edge page has the latest updates, news, and fixes. Be sure to check it out!
New Edge add-ons store UX
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Pretty much every extension that works in Chrome is perfect for Edge. That’s because both browsers share the same Chromium code or engine. But it doesn’t mean that a Microsoft Edge add-ons store would be unnecessary.

So, if you’re an Edge user, you can start exploring the newly redesigned Edge extensions website that Microsoft announced. It offers a simpler and more user-friendly interface that gets you to the add-on you’re after much quicker.

The new Microsoft Edge add-ons store

The revamped Edge add-ons website, which offers 1500+ apps, is still a work in progress.

Earlier this year, an update to the site enabled users to start providing feedback and ratings for add-ons. It also received an editor’s pick page to help visitors find the best solutions available.

Well, the Edge add-ons store transformation continues. And now, you get an improved UX that lets you quickly discover extensions that suit your browsing needs.

To help users easily discover and find extensions for their needs, we’ve introduced a carefully curated storefront with an array of inviting new collections. The search page was also redesigned to offer more insights into the search results while significantly improving navigation.

The new site puts apps in specific categories so that you always know where to look to get what you’re after.

On top of that, it introduces an improved search. The feature lets you apply filters to any category to narrow down your add-ons search.

Microsoft’s efforts toward making Edge and the web more inclusive and accessible via the Chromium-based browser are no secret. You can tell that from features like the Immersive Reader that makes online reading a breeze.

Little wonder accessibility improvements are also coming to the Edge add-ons website. Microsoft has employed a blend of techniques to make that happen.

For example, high contrast and assistive tech like Narrator should help visually impaired persons navigate the store with less difficulty.

Have you visited the beta version of the new Edge add-ons store yet? Feel free to head on over there and let us know what you think via the comments section below.