Microsoft Edge gets a massive overhaul on Windows 11

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • Social media is now buzzing with excitement for some new Windows 11 features.
  • The exciting news now is the appearance of the Edge browser, on the new OS.
  • Some users say it never looked better, while others compare it to Apple's Safari.
  • Microsoft has constantly improved Edge and will continue to do so until the release of Windows 11.
Edge Windows 11

There has been a lot of talk lately about some of the design choices that Microsoft made for their new operating system.

Even though, as we said before, the leaked version is a very rudimentary build of Windows 11, lacking most of its final elements, users are still in awe with the way that some features look, at the moment.

To explore the subject even further and find out some other useful insights about the Windows 11 OS, we have conducted a thorough survey on the matter which includes answers from 6056 users across the globe. Most of the users are from the US, but the UK, Canada, India, and Australia are represented as well.

Take a look at the Windows 11 Edge browser

While others are constantly disapproving Microsoft’s current UI and app customizing choices, others are quite pleased with the overall look and feel of the new OS.

Recently, in a thread that has been stirring users’ curiosity on Reddit, many have gotten to take a look at how Edge will present itself on Windows 11.

Most of the participants in this discussion state that, without the title bar, the Edge browser looks gorgeous, far better than it ever did on Windows 10, while others compare it to Safari.

Reminds me of Safari on macOS Monterey, beautiful indeed. something I wish they would do is center the search bar and the other stuff at the top, I’m guessing that will happen since this is literally a leaked OS.

As most of you we are sure that Microsoft has prepared some changes that will most likely blow our minds, but is keeping them well hid until the official release.

Microsoft has made a lot of changes to Edge lately

As you probably know, in the recent months, Microsoft has applied quite a few changes to their popular browser, and they don’t seem like they will stop.

The company seems bent on constantly improving their internet browsing experience, even more now that their new OS is on its way to the public.

If you want to stay updated and know what changes Edge is going through, make sure you check our Edge-related articles.

To find out more information about the Windows 11 release, you can also check our guide dealing with the official release date and presentation.

In the meantime, we can just kick back, relax, and eagerly await this operating system release, that everyone has been talking so much about.

Will Microsoft be able to match the hype and deliver a product that will astonish users? Share your opinion with us in the comments section below.

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