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by Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
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Over the course of past few years, CDs have lost their popularity. I personally don’t remember when was the last time I put a CD (other than Windows 10 installation CD) in my laptop’s CD ROM. But despite the fact CDs aren’t as popular as they used to be, we’re still not ready to completely ditch this technology.

Many laptop users all over the world still use CDs, more or less frequently. So, we definitely should still pay attention to this kind of media.

One of the biggest problem with CDs and CD ROMs is if a CD gets stuck in a CD ROM, and user is unable to eject it. If you’ve just encountered this problem, and you probably are, since you’re reading this article, we’ve prepared a few solutions that will help you get a CD out of your laptop.

What to do if CD gets stuck in your laptop

Try ejecting from Windows

If you’re unable to eject your CD ROM by pressing the physical button, you can do the same thing by Windows to eject a CD automatically. If you don’t know how to do that, follow these instructions:

  1. Open File Explorer
  2. Go to This PC
  3. Right-click on the CD/DVD drive, and choose Ejectcant eject cd laptop 1

CD should automatically be ejected from your laptop now. However, if this option doesn’t help, try some of the solutions listed below.

Try to eject on reboot

There could be some programs that actually prevent your CD ROM from ejecting. If you have any idea what those programs might be, close them, and try ejecting once again. However, to be even more sure that nothing prevents your CD ROM from ejecting, restart your computer, and try to eject on startup, before Windows boots.

Some manufacturers even have eject function in the BIOS, so if your laptop is one of these devices, there’s a chance that CD ROM will even automatically eject on the next start up.

That way, no program will be able to prevent your CD ROM from working. But if this method doesn’t prove to be helpful, keep reading this article, as you might find a proper solution below.

Check for Driver updates

In case you have an older laptop, and therefore an older CD drive, there’s a chance that your hardware isn’t compatible with Windows 10, and that it needs a driver update. The only way to check this is to actually search for a driver update for your CD ROM.

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In case you don’t know how to do that, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Search, type devicemanager, and open Device Manager
  2. Find your CD ROM from the list of installed hardware
  3. Right-click on it, and choose Update Driver Software…cant eject cd laptop 2
  4. Let the wizard search for available drivers. If a driver is found, let the wizard install it
  5. Restart your computer

If all your drivers are up to date, and no program blocks your CD from being ejected, than the problem is not in Windows. So, try some of the alternative solutions, that will involve some physical work below.

Force eject

Every CD ROM has a special small hole in the front panel, you’ll surely notice it. Some drives have two small holes, so if one looks like it’s intended for plugging in headphones, it’s the other hole.

Now that you’ve spotted a small hole, shut down your computer (don’t reboot it). When the laptop is completely off, insert a paperclip or any kind of tiny wire, and gently push it in the hole. If you did it right, the CD ROM should automatically open, and you’ll be able to remove a CD.

cant eject cd laptop 3

If you have to use a wire to remove a CD from your laptop every time, it’s a sign that your drive is damaged. So, you should consider changing it. Go to your nearest service, and consult with them about getting a new CD ROM for your laptop.

Be aware that laptop drives are not as easy to replace as drives from regular PCs. So, unless you really know what you’re doing, it is highly advisable to ask a professional for help.

That’s about it for our article about ejecting problem on your Windows laptop. We hope that at least one of these solutions helped you resolve your problem. If you have the same problem on your PC, check out this article.

In case you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, just let us know in the comments below.


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