Elden Ring white screen crash on Windows PC [Fixed]

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  • Elden Ring was just released and players are already reporting problems.
  • Among other bugs, PC gamers have also flagged a white screen crash error.
  • This mostly happens for players that run the title from Epic Games launcher.
  • Apparently, updating the launcher or reinstalling it fixes the issue for some.
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Elden Ring just came out today and a horde of fans that were waiting for this highly anticipated game are already knee-deep in new adventures.

However, as with any new game, there were bound to be some bugs and errors that would surface only after the official release, making it somehow past all the rigorous testing.

Pc users say that, when accessing the game from the Epic Games launcher, it fails to properly load, resulting in a white screen and the game crashing.

Players reported that updating or uninstalling launcher worked

This being said, don’t despair, because as dark as the night might be, there’s always going to be a glimmer of light to guide us through it.

A lot of players have reported dealing with this issue and, thankfully, there is a way in which it can be fixed.

A lot of the responders to such posts, announcing the issue, stated that it isn’t as remote as initially thought. In fact, upon running the game, multiple processes would open as well, crashing it.

It was later observed by some of them that these processes were actually from the Epic Games Store itself, which meant that updating it or uninstalling and reinstalling it should work.

It did this time, for most of the players, with only a small number of them reporting that these actions didn’t solve the problem.

It’s still not a sure thing, as far as what is causing this error, as simply updating worked for some, while others had to reinstall the launcher.

What else can I try?

If simply reinstalling your Steam or Epic Games Launcher won’t solve this issue for you, we have a few more steps that will help you move past.

  1. Reboot the Game and PC.reboot windows
  2. Run Game in High-Performance Mode.elden ring high performance
  3. Update the Graphics Driver.update GPU
  4. Close Unnecessary Background Running Applications.apps
  5. Reinstall the Microsoft Visual C++.instal c++
  6. Verify Integrity of Game Files.check file integrity steam
  7. Turn Off In-Game Overlay.in game overlay
  8. Download latest Windows update.windows update
  9. Update the game.

Note that this issue is affecting PC users that run both Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Windows 11, so it doesn’t seem to be an OS isolated glitch.

In addition to this nasty bug, players are also experiencing a wide variety of smaller bugs and problems with the game, such as:

  • Enemies may, very rarely, become invisible. This bug is typically solved by reloading the area with a save and quit.
  • Elden Ring’s lightning may sometimes render incorrectly. Reloading the area or restarting your game should fix this.
  • Occasionally the player’s weapon may become invisible after sitting at a Site of Grace. Reloading the area or restarting the game fixes this.
  • When creating a character, players may experience a bug that causes their character to begin spinning arund. Cancelling the character creator and trying again generally fixes this. If the issue persists, restart your game.
  • If playing on mouse and keyboard, there’s a small chance that mouse inputs will cause performance issues. A restart should fix this problem.
  • Players may encounter loading screens that are longer than usual when fast traveling. Restarting the game usually fixes this.
  • Elden Ring may incorrectly recognize a PlayStation controller as an Xbox controller and display Xbox button inputs in tutorials and the controls settings.
  • Players may encounter an issue that prevents them from speaking to NPCs. Restarting the game or reloading the area will fix this.

Have you also encountered this problem when trying to play Elden Ring on your Windows PC? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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