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Since the release of Windows 8 people were arguing whether Charms bar was good or not. In order to that, Microsoft decided to get rid of Charms bar in Windows 10, but if you still want to have Charms bar, we have a solution for you.
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In the Technical Preview of Windows 10, Microsoft decided to change a couple of thing about Charms bar. Actually, Microsoft decided to completely remove Charms bar from the new version of Windows operating system. Microsoft decided to make this move probably because Charms bar doesn’t fit in the Windows 10 environment, but also because a lot of users used to complain about it, saying that this feature is “annoying and unnecessary.”

Microsoft has removed Charms bar from the User Interface, but it is still present inside modern apps, with a small drop down in the left corner.

But if you’re among of those who actually liked Charms bar, and you want to use it in the new Windows operating system like you were using it in Windows 8/8.1, there is a new app that will return the Charms bar in the right corner of the screen. The app is called PopCharms and was created by the member of Neowin forum who goes by the username of CyclingGuyNOLA.

PopCharms is a simple .exe file that will place an icon in the system try in order to control whether you want Charms Bar to be on or off. When the app is running, the Charms Bar will show up when you move your mouse cursor to the bottom right corner of the screen.

Alternatively, if you want use Charms bar without using a third-party app, you can open it by pressing Windows Key and C at the same time.

Also, as this app is not official, we have to worry you that you install it on your own risk, because Windows 10 is still in beta, and it is not certain if it will work on every computer.

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