Black Friday enclosure and cases to protect your equipment

When buying a new piece of tech, cases are often overlooked by many. Whether you want to protect your PC, external storage drive, or any other device, there is certainly a case or an enclosure for it.

So don’t risk your equipment’s lifespan and check out these amazing deals on cases and enclosures. You’ll thank us later.

What are the best cases and enclosures that I can buy?


If connectivity is important to you, then you’ll have to take into account the fact that more and more devices have USB-C. To make sure that you’re on par with the latest technologies, check out the best USB-C enclosure deals to grab today.

External HDD/SSD

External drives are very useful for transferring large files from one device to another or for keeping a backup of your most important files. Because these drives contain sensitive information, you’ll also have to keep them safe with some protective cases or enclosures. Here are the best ones on the market right now.

PC cases

There are a lot of PC cases on the market. Some of them offer improved protection and cable management solutions, others have lots of RGB and a great design, while some have advanced features and special mounting points for watercooling. Choose the best one for you from these great deals.


If you’re into building digital devices, then you certainly know about Arduino. What you may not know is that these microcontrollers also have their own enclosures. If you want to get one as well, take a look at the best deals available on the market and choose the one that best fits your budget and needs.

Keeping your equipment safe is imperative, especially if you tend to have sensitive information on your devices. That’s why cases and enclosures exist. Take a look through all of the deals we’ve prepared for you and decide which of them are worth your time and money.